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Zombies in Loughton

If you fancy a bit of trick or treating, then Loughton is definitely the place to go. And specifically the ghoulish, macabre, fiendish house of Wendy and David Greenhalgh, who are Halloweened up to the hilt. Every part of the house, and garden, and garage, and tree, and driveway, has turned into hell on earth for a weekend. Heaven knows what the lodger thinks….

When I was a kid, we did apple bobbing. Jeez – now it’s kids in the pot, corpses in the garden, and a trio of witches in the shed! Mind you, I checked out the kitchen and I could see some delicious looking toffee, so Thank God that hasn’t changed!

If you’re going to go over the top then do it properly, or improperly but extravagantly. “Extravaganza” might not actually quite be strong enough to capture the effect. Queens Road will ever quite recover, the Dementors have taken over…

Good luck for the party tomorrow. It’s going to be wicked!!!

For more on David and Wendy’s Halloween Extraordinaire, see Instagram: Halloweenwerewolf