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Sunny Scotland won’t stop me taking photos!

What sort of weather do you associate with the far north of Scotland? I mean – right up the top. Not even the Hebrides…, the Outer Hebrides? It’s got to be rain, correct? Big, moody, storm filled skies. Huge rolling breakers coming in off the Atlantic all the way from Greenland. Wet! The Scots even have their own word for it, dreich: drizzly, wet, heavy, grey. That’s what I wanted for my trip last week. I wanted moody and dramatic. Storms! What did I get? Sunshine and blue sky. I can’t believe it!


A break in the sunshine, some clouds, & I got snapping!

A break in the sunshine, some clouds, & I got snapping!


OK, OK, so the first image looks a bit grey-ish. I had to work hard for that. This was perhaps a 10 minute cloud passing between almost incessant sunshine. Photographers have to seize every opportunity…


Luskentyre beach

Luskentyre beach


This was more like it. Great big blue sky reflecting off the wet sand. You’d think it was the Bahamas. In fact it was so warm it felt like the Bahamas! Mind you, one big advantage over the Bahamas – the Isle of Harris was deserted, completely!


Cotton wool wave

Cotton wool wave


Now this one could be bluer, but the long exposure filter has toned it down (to blur the wave) and I’m fond of it so it’s staying that way… Mrs P has deigned to comment that she likes this one, so I know I’m forgiven for disappearing for a week…


Empty beach. Not like the Caribbean...

Empty beach. Not like the Caribbean…


A week of empty beaches, dramatic scenery, uninterrupted photography and the odd wee dram of whisky. Heaven. Couldn’t have been better…., well, apart from the weather!


(Thanks to Aspect2i for a fantastic photography week. If you’re interested in truly inspirational photo workshops then check them out: http://www.aspect2i.co.uk )

Bleak Midwinter and New Year’s Resolutions

Luckily, I am of a sunny disposition. I needed it over the last days, as I have been teased, mercilessly, by the family, the weather, everything…

The Pecks and the Heatons

The Pecks and the Heatons

Holiday home: Mendham Mill

Holiday home: Mendham Mill

Firstly, the weather. We always try to get away over the New Year period. This time Suffolk/Norfolk border, Mendham in the Waveney valley. At first it was crisp, cold, sunny, frosty and beautiful. Time for a constitutional with our good friends, the Heatons. But this weather flattered to deceive. The next four days it rained, poured, flooded. Cats and dogs doesn’t capture it. Grim, grey and miserable is more on the mark. Our trip to Southwold, so famous for its beautiful beach and town centre was a washout…

grey and grim...

grey and grim…

these are worth a fortune (?!?!)

these are worth a fortune (why !?!)

the beach climbing up the stairways.

the beach is climbing up the stairways.

Duaghter taking refuge in a gambling den

Daughter taking refuge in a gambling den on the pier

Despite the awful weather I decided to get on with my New Year’s resolution. Having made Mrs P her morning cup of coffee in bed I put on the trainers and went out in the gale for a jog. Drenched, sodden, but quietly proud of myself I returned a while later. The following comments were made by the rest of the family:

“That was a quick run”: Mrs P.

“What you mean is, that was a short run. Dad wasn’t running quickly”: Daughter P.

“Actually, Dad probably wasn’t running at all. He was walking” Son P, who proceeded to eat my chocolate orange.

I ignored them all, and with as much dignity as I could muster, went off for a shower. Such are the trials and tribulations of a father on the cusp of the New Year.

I hope you fared better over the NY period, in terms of weather and of supportive family commentary – Happy New Year to all!

2014 at sunrise

2014 at sunrise

The Norfolk fog isn’t going to stop me!

Holkham beach, early morning

The weather doesn’t have to be glorious to reveal the beauty of the landscape. However, on a recent long weekend in Norfolk, the weather was so miserably wet, dank, dark, foggy, dingy, misty and downright sodden, that I had to battle against every normal human inclination to haul myself out of bed to go and take photos. Alone, of course, as the rest of the family were far too wise to get up so early….

Dawn at Holkham

And who can blame them…? It was cold, very. And wet….

Wells Next The Sea

Tide out. Boats ride the sand waves

So, here’s the dilemma: is it better to stay in bed – warm, soft, dreamy…, or to get out there into the freezing fog and go and see something that might be remembered for ever…?

Beach huts at Wells next The Sea

Actually, I’m not the only idiot to choose the latter and freeze in the fog. This beach, shrouded in mist, was surprisingly busy, even at 7 in the morning. Dog walkers, refuse collectors, early morning twitchers (ha! they were optimists in the gloom… you could hear the birds, just couldn’t see them!) people just out for a stroll. Atmospheric.

cold spider’s web

more beach huts

Can you guess what one of these beach huts costs? Have a go…., don’t look on to the next sentence, have a guess….

£67,000….       each.

Clearly I need to come back in high summer and check out how a hut can be worth so much…

But I do think one thing is undeniable. Even in the frankly miserable weather, the Norfolk cost is most definitely, beautiful.

How much!?!

Now, how about waking up that lazy family of mine! I demand a cooked breakfast!!!

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Every cloud has a silver lining…

What has happened to our summer? Where is our sun? April was hot, July has been damp…. But it does mean that the gardens look good, and that was brought to the fore this weekend when we went to Whately Manor in the Cotswolds, all very lush….

A fine English garden

What a place this is! A spa – where of course Mrs Peck indulged, expensively; a huge bedroom which was so large the four poster looked.., well,… small (it wasn’t), And frankly, after I had had my arm twisted to drink yet another Vodka Martini by J. Carter I needed a big bed to space out!  A lovely michelin starred restaurant – heavenly cooking: perhaps the best English breakfast I’ve ever had (once I managed to get up).

Come on in...

But the best were the gardens. Quintessentially English, immaculately tendered, soft, lush and full of colour.

Meadow flowers

The hot border

So every cloud has a silver lining. Especially these clouds – they have brought the best out of the gardens. Such is life in England…

Lush flowers and Cotswold stone.

Blue is the colour!

Every year I go out and try and take a good photo of the bluebells. It’s not easy – the blue comes out purple if there’s any sunshine because the flowers reflect ultra violet. So the recent weather hasn’t exactly been good for (bluebell) photography! On reflection, I think the best weather for bluebells is mizzle but we’ve had solid sunshine for weeks and weeks now Bring back the rain (joking – we Brits are simply never happy whatever the weather!!!)

Flower portrait

The straight shot

Below I’ve gone for the abstract view and played about with the camera. Quite liberating! (Honest, this wasn’t just me dropping the camera at the wrong (right?) moment…

The abstract shot

A friend has got a print of this one in his loo. Freshens things up, I suppose….

The classic shot

This is one of my earliest pictures – on Velvia film, hence the slightly weird colour cast I think. From a bluebell wood just of the A59 near Poppleton, York.

My favourite shot