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Memories of lazy warm summers

Just before the annual feasting begins, I’ve been looking back at some summer photos. Here’s beautiful Lake Trasimeno in lovely warm Italy. What a delight Umbria is!

Makes me want to take up fishing!

Makes me want to take up fishing!




Even the birds just watch the dawn...

Even the birds just watch the dawn…


Now, bring on the snow!!! Merry Christmas to all.


What happened to Summer?

The penultimate day of the year, it’s raining outside, hammering at the window, and I’m wondering how to make it through to the sunnier days of 2012. At least I can remember the balmy days of 2011!

Lago Trasimeno, in glorious summer

I’ve taken more photos in Italy this year than in any other place. Umbria and Lake Trasimeno was a good hunting ground for photogenic vistas. Here’s the view from above.

through the cypress trees

And the view down by the lakeside was a must.

Dawn, by the pier


Dawn again


I never can resist a few wooden stakes plonked in the water… And the required photo of a fisherman!


Another early riser


I guess these photos look quite peaceful and bucolic. Slow life, so Italian. Nothing however, is further from the truth. Taking a dawn photo is usually a mad rush, frantically trying to get in place before the sun blinds everything, tripod legs flying left and right and fumbling with lens and filter combos. I leave the slow life until the afternoon siesta…

Round the lake was pretty good too. One of my all time favourite discoveries was the XI century church of S. Biagio in Pierle. Quintessential Romanesque:

A thousand years old and more beautiful than ever

Cortona was almost impossible to photograph though. The locals kept driving their cars and vans into the square, parking up, and have a long chat with each other, whilst I (tripod, lens, filter etc etc) wished they would get out of my picture…


Main square, Cortona



If Cortona was a nightmare, then Pitiglione was a dream. This one at dusk rather than dawn.

Dusk - so much easier! Why don't I do this more often?

Dawn v dusk, dusk v dawn. Maybe I’m mad, and should just stick to lunchtime:


View from a restaurant


This was the view at the restaurant we visited in the middle of Trasimeno, on a tiny island, where there was only one pier which my daughter took a fancy to. Wine and fresh fish (and a siesta).

long live lazy lakeside lunches!

Happy New Year, and bring on the sunshine!

Lazy Summer Sun Days

Ah, the summer is over. But what a summer! Those lazy hot long days relaxing by the pool on holiday. All fading into the past, but never to be forgotten. Here are some images to drift over when the mizzle closes in.

a pool in heaven

Italy is a good place to spend the summer. So we did. Mostly by the pool. Just gazing.

enjoy the view

This is the best pool that I’ve ever swam in. The view really did go on for ever, a true infinity pool. Exquisite detailing. Very Italian – what am I saying! It was Roman! I was just missing my toga!

Italian pool

turquoise, blue, gold, silver

Man Friday

The boy,.... couldn't get him out

the diving rock

don't you just want to go in...

This is what counts for exercise around Lake Trasimeno, Umbria…   Well, the summer sun days will have to last us till next year. Long live holidays!

hectic days before, hectic days after, but not today...

Streetwalking, in Perugia.

Italian cities are beautiful. And in Umbria they are pretty deserted too, which makes them very photogenic. This is Perugia, and it’s very lovely.

The town hall steps

Photographers always go on about dawn light. Soft, cool, beautiful. And very few people to get in the way. This is a series of pictures I took between 6 and 7am whilst wandering around the streets of Perugia last week, almost alone. Heaven.

6am, and empty.

Occasionally someone would wander into my picture. But I quite liked that. So I fired the shutter and left them in my shots.

Early morning light

Imagine if this was your front door. Someone is lucky enough to live here. Really.

Clearing shadows.

Perugia is a student town. The lucky devils. I want to be 18 again and study here…

The daily grind

Off to work, through the arches, towards the light. Not a bad way to start the day…

The rush hour