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Possibly the best beach in the world….

Just before sunrise...

I guess the definition of a great beach is different for everyone. Personally I love beaches that are big, windswept, and preferably empty of people. And that’s what I got here at Holkham beach in Norfolk, although to be honest I had to get up at 5am to make sure no-one else would be around…

Sun rising

This is the view in-land. Swivel the camera around on the tripod and then the beach itself is revealed. And a beauty it is too:

Empty, gorgeous.

Now, getting up this early isn’t easy. Especially if you have to stay some way away from the location you want to photograph. I tease Mrs P that we should really invest in a VW camper van and just overnight as close to the  photographic area as possible. The idea gets short-shrift. A certain level of luxury is a Mrs P prerequisite, and camping is never going to cut it… (Click here for previous misadventures under canvas)

Look at all that space!

Right in the far distance someone is strolling into my shot...

And if it does get a bit crowded (at its most there were maybe 4 people on this beach at any one time…), then the photographer can switch from vista to close ups:

Shapes in the sand made by wind whipped grass

Sand and Sky

Late afternoon glow

And then all returns to emptiness as dusk approaches. Not a person around to witness the glorious colour show. Majestic!

Just after Sunset

Snow, at last!

Pond at Baldwin's Hill

At last, the snow has arrived! And with a blast. Now I know that for other parts of the world a 10 inch dump of snow is not particularly interesting, but around here, 15 miles outside of London, that’s awesome.  Epping Forest is immediately transformed into a winter wonderland, hushed and still.

The still forest

Tomorrow we will all complain about not being able to get around. The traffic will be awful and the tube won’t run. But today, we can enjoy the beauty and the transformation.

The trees are shivering

The snow seems to strip the world of colour. None of these pix have been changed into black and white – these are the straight colour shots.

tracks in the snow

And I guess that’s where the transformation really comes from. The overloading effect of colour is blanketed by the white. Just for a day or two. Magical!

Duotone tree