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Judges’ Bait – the Blavatnik Building

Photo judges would not like these photos… Too much deep black shadow, slightly burnt out white highlights. Too empty. But so what, I rather like the atmosphere it creates, and atmosphere is what a photo should be about. So the blacks and whites stay…

Pics all from the marvellous new wing of Tate Modern, the Blavatnik Building, designed by Herzog and de Meuron. Concrete drama, all very striking!

Stairways are a fave of mine. Leading lines and suggested journeys. Up, down, travel round the corners. A sense of mystery…

Here’s to curvy stairways, emptiness and deep blacks and clear whites…


You can never tire of London…

“Why Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London” said Mr Johnson. And what goes for 1777 still stands for 2018. A fascinating city, even on a bitterly cold February evening outing with the camera club. The best was Tate Modern, full of vibrancy, youth, music, art and installations late into the evening. I could have spent hours there snapping away, agreeing with Mr Johnson’s dictum… “No Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…”





Pop goes pube!

I love a bit of POP. Whaam!!! “I’d rather drown than call Brad” and a Campbell soup can. And right now the Tate Modern is going for all out with The World Goes Pop, and I must say, in my rather British way, it’s all a bit porno….



On the other hand who cares? It’s colourful and jolly. It reminds me of dear old Kenny Everett, fake boobs, long legs, a beard and “it’s all in the best possible taste”. And it is. Very Pop-py.





Be ambivalent, stay cool, manufactured art has taken over the gallery, such is Pop. It’s all a bit of fun. Don’t take it too seriously! Have a good gawp and shocked withdrawalists can get over to the National G for serious stuff. It’s all a laugh, innit?!?!