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Dancing underwater

I think I must be a very trying father. The kids start to complain the moment they catch sight of a tripod. If we go for a walk they demand I leave the camera at home. Not that I ever listen. And secretly I think they like some of the images…

A nymph and jewelled light

A nymph and jewelled light

This summer I got them to dance underwater for me. Immy went for the elegant look, Charles the muscular…

the joy of being a teenager

the joy of being a teenager

Dancing to her fingertips

Dancing to her fingertips

Me looking at him looking at me

Me looking at him looking at me


I wonder what the kids will think? They’ll probably remember how I got them to swim back and forth endlessly posing underwater. But given I’m a trying father I shall keep on trying. And one day they will see these pics as the joys of summer – good memories now the weather is deteriorating.

Immy and her shadow

Immy and her shadow

Lazing in the summer sun

Once we managed to get away from the UK drizzle in August, we found, at last, the sun. And the colour changed from grey to blue, green and white – the summer colours.

And the breeze blew…

These are the best sorts of lazy days. Late breakfast, roll out to the pool, flop down with a book, a dip when it gets too hot, glass of cold crisp wine with lunch (at 3pm-ish) and then back to the pool for more lazing…


imitating Tom Daley…

blue and bluer

The pool is guarded by putti who are bleached white in the Spanish sun. Rather cute.

On guard.

Watching from one end of the pool.

And from the other. I wonder what they’ve seen over the years…

Here’s the view from the bedroom as the sun comes up.

the promise of another sunny day

the view round the headland

Good to remember the beautiful sunny delights of the Costa Brava where the sun warmed us up and prepped us for the cold misty Autumn that’s about to arrive…

Soaking up the view

Lazy Summer Sun Days

Ah, the summer is over. But what a summer! Those lazy hot long days relaxing by the pool on holiday. All fading into the past, but never to be forgotten. Here are some images to drift over when the mizzle closes in.

a pool in heaven

Italy is a good place to spend the summer. So we did. Mostly by the pool. Just gazing.

enjoy the view

This is the best pool that I’ve ever swam in. The view really did go on for ever, a true infinity pool. Exquisite detailing. Very Italian – what am I saying! It was Roman! I was just missing my toga!

Italian pool

turquoise, blue, gold, silver

Man Friday

The boy,.... couldn't get him out

the diving rock

don't you just want to go in...

This is what counts for exercise around Lake Trasimeno, Umbria…   Well, the summer sun days will have to last us till next year. Long live holidays!

hectic days before, hectic days after, but not today...