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New York, a blur…

Flatiron, NYC

New York City is a blur! Five days of charging about, cramming everything in, noise, hustle bustle & snow storms in October. Yes, a blur. But what excitement!

I managed to go wrong 3 times on that Subway journey… First wrong line, then wrong way, then missed my stop because I got engrossed in a newspaper. What a tourist…

On the other hand, cabs are cheap. So we used them, lots. And they turned out to be very photogenic:

No tripod, for once...

Of course, as a photographer, I wanted to be out taking pictures every second of the day. But the family does object (killjoys), so we ended up shopping. Century 21, Bloomingdales, that massive toy shop…, Build a bear, the Apple store. Done them all. (Bloomingdales took hours – HOURS! The wife!)

Daughter on a mission

Isn't he meant to be saving people from crooks, outside...?

Eventually, some respite from the incessant shopping at last. Kids on the ice, cocktails for me and Mrs P.    Rockefeller, we love you.

Daughter on the ice

Son on the ice

So here’s to New York City, so exciting it’s a blur.

Oi! Cab! over here…!!!


(Another one ignoring me, must be the accent...)