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Shooting icons in New York

Two icons in one shot! Fifth Av, surely my wife’s favourite street in the world, and the Flatiron – one of my favourite buildings.

Classic Flatiron

So of course the only way I could find a free hour to shoot my icon was to send my wife (and kids) off to their icon. I trade retail therapy for photo therapy any day.

But how to shoot an icon differently?

The close up...

But I guess without pic 1, pic 2 would be hard to understand… What about this one?

Disguised Flatiron...

Or maybe fit a different lens and go for the unsettling shot:

Distorted Flatiron

Beware falling streetlights. Mmm…, ok, when all else fails then stick the camera out of the taxi window and go for the shaky, blurred, wonky, night shot. Aha, that’s different! And I like it!

My favourite!

Now, how do I extract my wife from whichever shop she’s currently hunting in…?