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Irish vistas…

Sunrise in Inch StrandIt’s been a while since I’ve posted, but lockdown has allowed me to process some images, and I thought it might be nice to resuscitate the blog. Last year was a good year for running workshops with Quest, and these images come from our lovely trip to the Dingle and the Burren on the west coast of Ireland. The images above & below are from the Inch Strand –  a great place for a symphony of light.


Driving inland in the Burren we came across this view of the mountain pass with the road in the distance…

mountain pass1b

And finally, another dawn shoot, this time at the Stone Portal on the Burren where I took the photo and waited for the Guinness/Whiskey hangover to subside…. Ah, indeed, a great trip it was!

Portal tomb

Harris Colour

Inspired by Roy Essery’s cracking website (here) I thought it about time to upload some of my images from our recent workshop to Harris. The Outer Hebrides being so far north, and so far into the Atlantic, it’s no surprise that this is a world of contrasting weather and contrasting colours. It’s a wonderful place for black and white, but I’ll leave that for another day…


These colours are barely tweaked at all in PS. Vivid green, purple, blues and oranges, all very typically Scottish…, and all very photogenic!





There’s no Scotland trip planned for 2019 (check out the brochure here), but Harris pulls strongly, so we’ll be back there the following year. Now, to have a look at the monochrome images…

The liquid blue of summer

Blimey it’s getting cold here in the UK. I’m quite looking forward to the stillness and quiet of winter. But just before the summer recedes too far into the memory, a quick moment to go back to the pictures of summer and dig out the liquid blue of the sea. To help block out the cold. Imagine these vistas in 40C. Blissful!

A Cretan village

A Cretan village


Reflection of a yacht mast

Reflection of a yacht mast


St Paul's Church - 2000 years old

St Paul’s Church – 2000 years old. And look at the colour!


Same mast, different reflection

Same mast, different reflection


A Cretan beach and a Cretan view

A Cretan beach and a Cretan view

So goodbye to summer 2014. Let’s see what the winter can do!

The view from my window…

Dawn view

Dawn view

There’s nothing like a good view to revitalise the spirits, and this was our Croatian view for the 2 week summer vac. Slow down, breathe deeply, relax, leave the city behind…

Breakfast lunch and dinner

Breakfast lunch and dinner

Given that I am a Brit living in Britain, eating outside is not the norm. So this is just bliss. Just add bread, cheese, tomato salad, and a glass of wine.

A spot for lazing

A spot for lazing

And when it gets too hot, cool off.

And when it gets too hot, cool off.

An olive tree means hot weather. It’s become a symbol of holiday destinations and holiday mood.

This one's a youngster

This one’s a youngster

If we tire of the pool we just head down to the beach for a dip there (and ice cream, maybe a beer…) Watch the boats come in.

This much colour must scare the fish off...!

This much colour must scare the fish off…!

The day ends, as it must, with a sunset. But on holiday they always seem so glorious!

Sunset in Cavtat

Sunset in Cavtat


Lastly the moonrise, and a whole new seascape view opens up before us. Not bad for a view from our window…

Final view before sleep

Final view before sleep

Lazing in the summer sun

Once we managed to get away from the UK drizzle in August, we found, at last, the sun. And the colour changed from grey to blue, green and white – the summer colours.

And the breeze blew…

These are the best sorts of lazy days. Late breakfast, roll out to the pool, flop down with a book, a dip when it gets too hot, glass of cold crisp wine with lunch (at 3pm-ish) and then back to the pool for more lazing…


imitating Tom Daley…

blue and bluer

The pool is guarded by putti who are bleached white in the Spanish sun. Rather cute.

On guard.

Watching from one end of the pool.

And from the other. I wonder what they’ve seen over the years…

Here’s the view from the bedroom as the sun comes up.

the promise of another sunny day

the view round the headland

Good to remember the beautiful sunny delights of the Costa Brava where the sun warmed us up and prepped us for the cold misty Autumn that’s about to arrive…

Soaking up the view

Bit of rough won’t stop me sailing!

It may be the middle of August, but that doesn’t mean placid hot weather on the south coast of England! Oh no, gale force winds and choppy seas is what we’ve got. But that just makes it a bit more exciting…

Hope he's got waterproofs on...

Winds gusting up to Force 7, enough to topple a catamaran head over heals, and enough to just give us the slightest intimation of what a heavy sea might really be like. But just this side of gusty for us all to keep smiling and enjoying the choppiness (Isobel had a faint moment, but a tot of rum sorted that out).

Not too much sail now...

The kids loved it. Charles thought it was ‘sickage’ (no pun intended there), and Immy grabbed the wheel and turned into Jack Sparrow. “Blast ’em with the guns” she kept shouting, as she dished out the orders. Not quite sure who she wanted to shoot at….?

He should be up the rigging!

A natural captain

When I had my go I missed a gust of wind, the boat turned sharply and I almost tipped everyone in the drink.

Mind you, this one looked like fun. I would love to go on a cruise in a boat like this. I’d be turning into Jack Aubrey myself!

Square rigger

Can you see the men?  There are 3.

Not for the faint hearted.

This boat was a cracker. Zoomed past us at a huge rate of knots. Built for speed and she knew it. Next time, next time…

A racer!