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Sri Lankan Faces

Sri Lanka is a wonderful country, full of colour, vibrancy and beautiful scenery. Here are some faces of the people we met over our 10 days in this fascinating country…

A young Tamil tea picker


A fire eater…


Ladies by the roadside


A gardener


The local butcher


A monk and his Mercedes


Tea picker in Ella

Arizonan Curves and Colour

When I was growing up I never, ever, thought I would say something like this: I love a good rock. But it’s true. Some of the most spectacular awe-inspiring things I’ve photographed are… rocks! Look, here’s a lion bursting out of the rock…
Lower antelope2_small


What happened to my rock and roll youth? It must be age (middle, I hasten to add, and only just…), a greater awareness of surroundings, context, time. And a growing appreciation of natural beauty.


Lower antelope6


Lower antelope7


These curves, swirls, and flows all come from the slot canyons near Page in Arizona. The rocks look alive, full of movement and colour. These pics aren’t tweaked – this colour is real. One of the most spectacular places on the planet – almost not of this planet: otherworldly.


upper antelop1


I loved photographing in this place so much that I’m going back there in Oct next year to lead a photographic workshop. Check it out if you’re interested: http://www.aspect2i.co.uk/intermediate-level-yosemite-national-park-photography-ID115.html  Six guests plus two workshop leaders (myself and Paul Gallagher). It’s going to be awesome!


Lower antelope5b



Wind, water, ice, and FIRE

This place is all about colour. Dusk and dawn, the rocks burn in Bryce Canyon, Utah


Bryce Canyon at dusk

Bryce Canyon at dusk



Wind, and constant freeze/thaw weathering have created the amazing rock formations at Bryce. All is jagged teeth and hoodoos. But it’s the minerals in the rocks that create the colour. And when the sun gets low, everything just glows.


Dawn at Natural Bridge, Bryce Canyon

Dawn at Natural Bridge, Bryce Canyon


Hoodoo and dead tree

Hoodoo and dead tree


This is the US, so nothing is impossible. Even the trees seem to believe that. Take the fir tree below. It’s grown up out of the canyon to a height of 200 feet before it gets anywhere near open sky. That’s an I-can-do-anything attitude. Unbelievable.

How did this tree grow here?

How did this tree grow here?


Those are the actual colours of the rock...

Those are the actual colours of the rock…


Lust for life

Lust for life


A remarkable place. Can’t wait to return – I want to see it in the snow!


Bryce amphitheatre - amazing.

Sunset Point – amazing.