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2 speedlights, background, and a model…

Amazing what you can do with a couple of speedlights. Basic kit – 2 small flashes, 2 strip boxes, a background – and a model of course! and hey, it’s up and running…



These are from a workshop I did the other day with Luca Monti – check out his workshops here. Going on a workshop is a great way of stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something different. Just do it, and have some fun.





The next image is one I put into a competition. The judge slated it – too much negative space, according to him. I don’t agree. I rather like the curves and the space. They balance off one another. Let me know what you think!



Finger and Thumb Photographers

Occasionally I get the chance to do something a bit different and heck, grab the opportunity whilst I can…! I wanted to get some images that were slightly romantic, not too blatant… tasteful, naturally.

Looking out over the garden

Looking out over the garden


So I went for it. And of course it was a lot of fun. Not easy though – a lot of faffing with flash, shutter speed and apertures etc. I have an increased respect for photographers who can do the body well…

Seated nude

Seated nude


… And a massive respect for the models who are so patient with finger and thumb photographers. Next time I shall work out in advance how to use my camera with flash guns etc and concentrate a bit more on getting the right pose.

Another nice view

Another nice view


Fumbled studio photography

Studio work is really hard, and I’m crap at it. There’s too much to think about. Lights, pose, camera, focus, exposure, nerves. Fingers and thumbs. I’m a beginner and it shows.


Soft focus

Soft focus (exposure cock up)


Flutter away

Wispy hair in the way


That tattoo should be readable,...

That tattoo should be readable,…


rescued through post processing

rescued through post processing


horrible catchlight on the nose

horrible catchlight on the nose


Bloody hell, no wonder she was giving me the look. Amateur. Never mind, I will get better with practice. (I hope….). Forget these, and check out a master, here.



Nude conundrum… help!

I have a decision to make. A local competition is asking for submissions which show 4 pictures linked by a theme. I want to enter the 4 pictures below, but I’m not sure whether the first pic works with the other three…





I could go and crop a pic to create another abstract/detail shot. But that’s sort of…, cheating. (And I haven’t good a good one.) So the question is: do you think these four work together? Let me know!

I fancied a change – abstract nudes!

I thought I might take a short break from landscape and portraiture for a week or so. And lo and behold, suddenly I’m in a studio brushing up on lighting technique, flash, brollies, reflectors and…, nudes!

nice chiaruscuro....

So, what’s it like then? Taking pix of a rather nice young lady who seems to have no inhibitions whatsoever? Actually it’s about as stale and unsexy as you could possibly imagine. Really – I kept fretting about f-stops and lighting settings…

desert dunes

My favourite shots were those that dived off into abstraction. Let’s the imagination wander, and not get too caught up in the nakedness of it all.

not quite sure if this is abstract enough

Then again, there’s the line of a curve which is unmistakeable. And rather beautiful, I think.

(Back to dawn photos in the crisp cold winter sunlight next week… am I mad?)

Playing with my Christmas presents…

I’ve been having a great time playing around with some of the Xmas presents. Best of all, this one was free! It’s an app called Snapseed, and I’ve decided I love it.

Young lady

It’s sits on my ipad, and lets me manipulate photos in an amazingly intricate way.

Venice flooding

You just have to play, re-investigate the 000s of photos from over the years. Here’s some from about a decade ago:

Northumberland coast

Mother-in-law's lilies

Bamburgh Castle at dawn

Portraits come to life in weird and wacky ways:

Mrs P

and Ms P

Landscapes become mysterious and slightly age-less:

Pisa, of course

The Dordogne

Menerbes, France

Even cars seem to take on a new personality:

Blackberry photos of BMWs

But maybe my favourite is the abstraction to be given to the nude. Check it out: ‘Snapspeed’. You’ll love it on an ipad.