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Northumberland Castles, Seascapes, Big Skies and Roman Walls

Northumberland is a fantastic windswept rugged landscape. Big beaches, huge sky, imposing castles. A great area for photography, which is why I’m running a workshop there next year. I’ve just been on a quick recce to check out the locations. Here are a few resulting images.

Bamburgh Castle, a classic dawn and dusk location. Great for big land, and seascapes, beach reflections and rocky lead-in lines…

Alnwick Castle, home to much Harry Potter castle filming…


Holy Island and its famous boat sheds. Normally this is a great shot with Lindisfarne in the background, but scaffolding on the castle put paid to that this time (scaffolding that will be removed before the workshop thank heavens!)

Pilgrim’s Way across the mud flats of the estuary to Holy Island. I kept my feet dry and resisted splashing around in the mud…

Abstracts and long exposure in Berwick upon Tweed…

A day away from the seaside checking out Roughting Linn waterfall

No trip to Northumberland should be without a visit to Hadrian’s Wall. The Roman soldiers must have shivered and longed for return to the continent when they were posted here…

And finally, the famous Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall. Much photographed, but stunning nevertheless. Great location!

If you are interested in a trip to Northumberland, the workshop is 6th – 10th September 2018. Contact me at thomaspeck1@mac.com for more details or to request a brochure. ┬áStunning landscapes guaranteed.

Northumberland- a blast from the past!

Memory is serendipity. The last post was on Hogwarts, and that got me thinking to Alnwick castle, to Northumberland, where we went on holiday many years ago. And that brought memories flooding back. What a place! Big empty space – lots of room to breathe. I loved it.

Big, deserted, sands.

Bamburgh, big, deserted, sands.

This is where the family split themselves laughing as I got caught by a wave – a big one, soaked me, too intent on my Bronica to notice the tide; where the kids were scared to venture out in the open top boat until we got to the Farne Islands – surrounded by puffins in the air and seals in the water; and where we visited the Poison Garden in the castle, where every plant can kill you…

puffin on the run

puffin on the run

This place is wild & deserted, not so easy anymore in the UK. Sit on this bench and you can still imagine the Vikings storming the beach. Might not hang around for long if they did….!


My keenest memory is of dawn at Dunstanburgh castle. My first truly photographic moment. I knew the photo I wanted to take, and had got up early to catch it. And blow me down, there were two people on the beach already when I got there. The cheek! I marched up next to them, set up the tripod and claimed the spot. Then I started to recognise one of the interlopers. Bloody hell, I’d barged in on no other photographic guru than Joe Cornish, and I’d virtually shoved him out of the way….! Too late, the beach and the snap was mine.

Dunstanburgh, at dawn.

Dunstanburgh, at dawn.

(I’ve met Joe since. He doesn’t remember me, but I remember him…) Swiftly, I moved elsewhere…

Holy Island

Holy Island

But what of the family? They remember none of this. They remember running on beaches, laughing together. And these are surely the more important moments. They will mean nothing to anyone else, but they mean everything to me. Northumberland – fotos, fun and laughter.



(My 101st post. Thanks for reading. Hope you’re enjoyed them. Tom)

Playing with my Christmas presents…

I’ve been having a great time playing around with some of the Xmas presents. Best of all, this one was free! It’s an app called Snapseed, and I’ve decided I love it.

Young lady

It’s sits on my ipad, and lets me manipulate photos in an amazingly intricate way.

Venice flooding

You just have to play, re-investigate the 000s of photos from over the years. Here’s some from about a decade ago:

Northumberland coast

Mother-in-law's lilies

Bamburgh Castle at dawn

Portraits come to life in weird and wacky ways:

Mrs P

and Ms P

Landscapes become mysterious and slightly age-less:

Pisa, of course

The Dordogne

Menerbes, France

Even cars seem to take on a new personality:

Blackberry photos of BMWs

But maybe my favourite is the abstraction to be given to the nude. Check it out: ‘Snapspeed’. You’ll love it on an ipad.