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Getting drenched won’t stop me taking photos! Niagara.

One of the benefits of working for a global organisation is that occasionally I get to go to fabulous locations, and OMG, this is one of them!!! Niagara Falls, awesome, no truly – AWESOME, in the real sense of an over-used word.

Here’s the pic from the top. The water is moving at a relatively slow sedate space just here. But even so, you can just feel that water pulling you forward. You know you want to go with it, float forward, forward, gently, ooops, over the top and aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!

Over we go....

Slightly feverish imagination running wild with me there, apologies….

So this is the view looking down towards the Falls:

See the little yellow dots in the bottom right corner – that’s people, all dressed in waterproofs. They are getting drenched. Serves them right for getting so close. Mind you, I’m always up for a thrill, so no sooner had we spotted the mad little yellow people than we wanted to get kitted out and go and join them….

The (wet) view from the platform

….And this is the close up view that awaited us. What this photo can’t really convey is the thundering roar of the water. It is quite deafening.

Whilst the view of the Falls is of course stupendously, gob-smackingly amazing, we humans are ever so puny beside it. And frankly, those yellow waterproofs are pretty pointless anyway. And that depends on whether you know how to put the blessed thing on! Here’s a pic of Clive struggling with his yellow plastic mac. The slightly raised eyebrow hints at the beginning of his desperation at getting it on….

Wet boy struggling with waterproof (Clive, it ain't that hard...!)

Later on that day we went on the boat trip. More cagools, this time in blue (all very colour co-ordinated the Canadians). And look! Clive can’t manage this one either. Turn it round man! The kids behind you – they know what they’re doing, ask them!!!

Clive - you've got it on backwards!

Dig the flip flops…

You put the blue macs on to protect yourself (ho ho) from the spray on the boat, see pic below – head over to flickr (button on left hand side of the blog) if you want to see a larger more impressive version. The boat goes right into that mist, up to about 20m from the water crashing down. I feel it coming on again, I can’t hold it back, I’m going to have to say it…   …   …. AWESOME !!!!!

(Shot on a Canon G11, which got very wet and survived)