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London, Bikes, Nudes. Ah yes, it’s Saturday afternoon…

Now if I were in Germany I would expect this sort of thing. After all, the English Gardens in Munich is a traditional nudist spot, and a fine place for a beer too, of course. But in the middle of London…, just next to the Tower…, on bikes… It’s all a bit…, shocking!


I was in town to take photographs of something completely different, and I heard a commotion – drums, whistles and so on, (this girl was having a good blast on hers…), and of course I wandered over to see what was going on.


A demo, no less, and for some reason everyone was naked. It was raining, of course. But that didn’t put them off. Hey, if you’re going to get wet it’s better to have your kit off, I say! And it didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm, because we’re British and we are used to the rain anyway.


This guy at the front of this tandem was rather half-hearted in my view. His rear companion had got the idea – shoulders covered, balls out.


Bloody hell – here’s Eve looking for Adam! You can tell it’s a bit nippy though… I never did work out the link between bikes and nudism. And I don’t really see a logical link. It all feels a bit uncomfortable to me. Just like this chap below. I leave you with his bag metaphor, which sort of summed up a typical Saturday afternoon in London town…




Finger and Thumb Photographers

Occasionally I get the chance to do something a bit different and heck, grab the opportunity whilst I can…! I wanted to get some images that were slightly romantic, not too blatant… tasteful, naturally.

Looking out over the garden

Looking out over the garden


So I went for it. And of course it was a lot of fun. Not easy though – a lot of faffing with flash, shutter speed and apertures etc. I have an increased respect for photographers who can do the body well…

Seated nude

Seated nude


… And a massive respect for the models who are so patient with finger and thumb photographers. Next time I shall work out in advance how to use my camera with flash guns etc and concentrate a bit more on getting the right pose.

Another nice view

Another nice view


I fancied a change – abstract nudes!

I thought I might take a short break from landscape and portraiture for a week or so. And lo and behold, suddenly I’m in a studio brushing up on lighting technique, flash, brollies, reflectors and…, nudes!

nice chiaruscuro....

So, what’s it like then? Taking pix of a rather nice young lady who seems to have no inhibitions whatsoever? Actually it’s about as stale and unsexy as you could possibly imagine. Really – I kept fretting about f-stops and lighting settings…

desert dunes

My favourite shots were those that dived off into abstraction. Let’s the imagination wander, and not get too caught up in the nakedness of it all.

not quite sure if this is abstract enough

Then again, there’s the line of a curve which is unmistakeable. And rather beautiful, I think.

(Back to dawn photos in the crisp cold winter sunlight next week… am I mad?)