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But which ones to choose…?

Right, I need some help. We have a club competition coming up this week. A prestigious cup, no less, is on offer. The Bedwell Trophy, for the best panel of 4 images. And my problem is which 4 to choose….

Obvs they need to be themed, and I’ve gone for “Long Exposure at More London”. But I’ve got 5 images, and I can’t make up my mind. I only can take 4. Above is ‘Shard 1’, below is ‘City Hall’, I think they top and tail quite nicely…

But then there’s ‘Skyline Shard’ which is a good scene setter:

Finally, I have two more abstract-y images. Do I go with both, or just one…? They are ‘London Office Block’ and ‘Reflection’:

So, which should I choose for my 4? Anyone care to help me out? Have a vote below for which image to leave out?

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Sharp lines and chiaroscuro in London and Rotterdam!

I have been having some fun converting  pictures! With the expert help of my friend Noel (check out his website here) I’ve been experimenting with luminosity masks, superior selections, and 8 minute sky exposures. Dramatic and I love it! Here’s London, looking sharp…



And give me a Dutch bridge and this is what I do to it:



Perhaps the most photogenic city for modern architecture however is Rotterdam, see below. And it’s got a fine modern art museum. Noel tells me his wife tells him that the shopping is superlative too. Excellent. Mrs P will have something to do on our next weekend away whilst I get on with the image making!


Even the kids love Gaudi…!

Normally, getting the Peck clan to visit a house or a building is really hard. The attraction of the PS3, or on holiday – the swimming pool, is too much of a pull. Moans and groans meet any suggestion to go and visit this or that. But not in Barcelona! At least, not once I got them all there, stood them in front of the Casa Batllo, and let them stare. Mmmm, even the kids went quiet…

House exterior3

Getting close up


This house really does shimmer in the light! Gaudi stood in the middle of the street to direct exactly where the tiles should go to get maximum watery shimmer and shine. We sat opposite, had a second breakfast (McDonald’s, yummy) and gazed.

Just imagine living in a place like this! The Batllos did. It must of have been extraordinary. A sinuous, organic, crazy building. The house is alive. Mrs Battlo must have loved inviting her envious friends around for a coffee. “Take a seat in our lounge, we think of it as being inside a sea-dragon…”

The 'lounge'

The ‘lounge’

Ceiling as bottom of the sea.

Ceiling, to look like the bottom of the sea.

Organic designs in the back rooms.

Organic designs in the back rooms.

Every detail is exquisite. Look at how Gaudi has redesigned a door handle, so that it fits the hand even more perfectly.

For right handers...

For right handers…

The stairwell glistens, blue, as if under water.

The stairwell glistens, blue, as if under water.

Top of the house

Top of the house

Immy loved the house so much she wanted to buy it. How much would she pay? 10 million Euros was the answer. Not quite sure where she thinks she can get that money from…, and I suspect she will still be a few million short!

Having mentally bought the house, we progressed to the Gaudi park. More sinuosity and organicness. Then, onto the Sagrada Familia.

Coolest park bench in the world?

Coolest park bench in the world?

Modern tympanum

Modern tympanum

It does look really modern, but of course, Gaudi was designing and building this well over 100 years ago. His vision is still, well, visionary!

Window light

Window light

The high altar

The high altar

I wonder if the seeds of architectural curiosity have been sown in the kids? What will the reaction be next time I force them to visit a National Trust property back in England? The PS3 may hold sway again… We shall see…

As we are almost at Christmas, the last image should be a Nativity. Here’s Gaudi’s, the quintessential sagrada familia.

(love the donkey...)

(love the donkey…)


(NB – 2 of the pictures are ‘fake’ – photos of postcards, rather than ‘live’ pix. Can you work out which ones?)


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Puppies, Spiders and a Wacky Museum. Bilbao, Spain





Koons in Bilbao at the Guggenheim

If you get the chance to go to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Go!

It’s a fantastic museum. Not to large – you’re feet won’t ache. Not too small, you won’t get bored. And it’s pretty wacky. Wacky enough to have a huge Jeff Koons dog made out of flowers right outside it. Take a look at the Alsatian in the middle ground. Looking rather small. Must be a choker on the self-confidence to have the flower puppy towering over you….

But more than the puppy is the building itself. Silvery, bendy, curly-wurly, metallic, shiny. It’s very different, and it’s very impressive.

Swervy Curvy

Modern and sleek, here are the steps down to the entrance.

entrance steps

And this gives a sense of the size of the puppy. No poop-scoop big enough to deal with that!

It's that dog again!

The building just glistens and gleams.

Lovely curves

Instead of a puppy, the back of the museum has got a HUGE spider behind it. This is really eerie, especially when you stand right underneath it. It’s both threatening, and protective. Sort of contradictory…


That spider is about 15m tall!

So, if you get a chance to go to Spain, give the usual haunts a miss and take the squeezyjet to Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim. A building you won’t forget, ever!