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Dave by Mike

I was in Prague recently (a lovely melancholy city – see last post), where there are lots of statues. Mostly of religious subjects. But when you get to Italy the stone gets to riot, and the flesh is bared! Aha, the Italians love a bit of voyeurism and fantasy, and Florence is a great place to see it all on show…

Dave by Mike

This is just such a famous statue that I wonder if people actually really see it anymore…. I love the furrowed brow and the hand casually holding the stone. A man ready to do violence. Quiet confidence, deadly. Goliath clearly doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.

But hey! Look around the piazza and the violence theme continues and get’s spiced up even more. Check out the Sabine women who aren’t faring too well. This one’s by Giambologna:

He’s got a good grip on her!

Not content with a bit of abduction, we need a good beheading too.

Perseus & Medusa, Cellini

Ah, the Renaissance was a good time for a bit of nudity. All disguised as classical story-telling. Fabulous. (I need to get back to Rome – LOADS of statues there!)

Dave gives Perseus the hard stare...