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The Gorgeous Yorkshire Dales

I’ve just got back from leading 2 back to back workshops in the Yorkshire Dales. What a fantastic place for photographers. Everything from dramatic gorges to waterfalls to quarries to dry stone wall and buttercup meadows. Truly, God’s County…

This is the birthplace of the Sublime in England (check out James Ward’s Gordale Scar from 1815). My recent picture of the same location is above. We even have example of the Industrial Sublime imposing on the landscape (below)…

But I think the Dales are probably more representative nowadays of the bucolic and Picturesque, certainly so in late May, early June. And it’s still deliciously beautiful, irrespective of the label…




And God scarred the earth…

My father has a wonderful picture at home. A great waterfall cutting through the rock which towers around it. The rock burns red as the water scars through it. Very dramatic. And I’ve wanted to see that waterfall for years – I managed to get there last weekend.

Gordale Scar

Awesome truly is the word. In past times they believed God had struck the cliffs to form the cleft. A huge rent in the earth. A scar indeed. It’s difficult for a photo to do it justice, even more so on an overcast day in February (hence my black and white version – I’ll go back for the colour another day)

This is one of the great walks in England. The path starts in the glades of Janet’s Foss, where people hammered nails into the tree trunks as an offering to the faeries. Hidden amongst the trees is a gentle waterfall.

Janet's Foss

The plunge pool

And then comes the drama of the big Falls. Once you’ve climbed the lower falls the gash is revealed where the upper fall punches through the stone

This is just the top fall from the first picture

The power of the water is immense, and just to prove it the walk finishes at Malham Cove where the traces of ice and water in the limestone leave clefts between the grykes and clints.

Malham Cove

A magnificent scene and a magnificent walk in God’s own county.