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Force 9 on the Cobb!

Last time I was in Lyme Regis it was serenity itself. Smooth waters, gentle winds, a mite cold true, but of the quiet frosty kind. Quite the Victorian idyll, and not a crinoline skirt out of place. This time it was a raging furious thundering scary, punk in-your-face, screaming full blown storm. High danger on the Cobb, and it was deserted (apart from me, of course)!


I felt very Turner-esque. Tie me to the mast and take me out into the storm so I can feel the elements! Oh yes, high-octane stuff. Misjudge a wave and that would be it. (I made sure Mrs P was nowhere around so she couldn’t scold me for being so bloody foolish…)



Click on the pic above and enlarge it. Check out the wave that’s dying over the Cobb, but about to be resuscitated by the next one coming in, with another right behind it. Dodge one, and the next will get you…





It was all rather exhilarating! For this last image, I climbed Granny’s Teeth and just peered over the top of the Cobb. Any higher was dangerous. And boom! this one almost got me. It’s not sharp because I was too scared to hold the camera still! 2016 starts with a bang – or rather a thump, whoosh, crash, suuuuuck. Fantastic stuff! Happy New Year to you all.




A Chilly New Year Doesn’t Stop Photography! Lyme Regis

For the past 20 years we have spent New Year’s Eve with our good friends, the H****ns (apart from 2 years when they disappeared off to South Aftica in search of winter sun…). And this year we headed off to a rented cottage on the Dorset/Devon border for fun, food, lots of walking, fresh air and copious quantities of Champagne!

And for me, it’s a chance to take photos of one of southern England’s beauty spots, the Cobb in Lyme Regis. So that’s were I headed very early on New Year’s Eve for my last photo of 2010.

Cobb, 31/12/10, early morning, cold...

The early December snow had gone, but it was bitter on the Cobb with a biting & blustery wind. So I only took 3 or 4 pictures before quitting and avoiding getting blown into the waters below… This one captures the moment – ND filters to bring down the sky and slow the exposure which, I think, works quite well. No sign of Meryl Streep that early in the morning though…

What I love about New Year’s is that you can indulge immensely in booze but then walk it all off the following day with a brisk march. That’s what we did, following the coastal path from close Seaton to Lyme. What we hadn’t realised though, is that the coastal path is very up and down at this section, with hardly any views of the coast itself (!) due to the undergrowth, plus that it was incredibly muddy. Think quagmire and glue on the boots. Squelch and slip, squelch and slip… Our friends, being plucky city-types, wore trainers. Much hilarity, especially on the steep downwards paths.  (A few choice coarse words too…)

But eventually to Lyme! And of course we all had to relive literary moments inspired by the town. So here’s a picture of the kids climbing down the vertiginous Devil’s Teeth steps on the Cobb, all leaning in and taking it easy. Not exactly Louise Musgroves, any of them, but at least no-one jumped. Having said that, Roger H, pater familias of the Hs, has vertigo, so he couldn’t come down the steps at all, and when he tried to go up them, only got to the second step. Blimey!

Take it easy kids...

Lyme is of course at one end of the Jurassic coast, so I wanted to take some pics of the rocks. The following are handheld, Canon G11 shots. Not bad for a point and shoot…

The colours in the rocks are astounding

Our walk was not done however. Up above the cliffs we found a swinging rope, high up in the trees, and of course the kids made the most of it:

And then the kids decided to steal my hat. Now that’s not fair at all, a. because it was particularly cold and I don’t have much hair left, and b. because how can I look like Bear Grylls if I can’t wear my adventure hat! Who do you think it looks better on, I ask you?!?!

So that was New Year 2010 in Devon/Dorset. A beautiful spot, very photogenic. If you fancy seeing more of my Dorset coast pics, head over to my flickr account