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Desire and Lust in Munich!

Well, I hope the title got your attention, but this is a very particular passion, focusing on the pleasure to be had from the motorcar, and in particular, a racing BMW.

BMW is of course based in Munich, where there is a museum. And this museum is a fleshpot mecca for anyone who lusts after the streamlined beauty of the motorcar.┬áIt’s a while since I’ve gone weak at the knees, but this is the place where physical beauty overrides the senses… There’s one room with hanging earphones so you can listen to the different sounds of M engines over the years. Awesome.

BMW started right back at the early part of the last century. The logo refers of course to the spinning blades of the propellers in the first BMW airplanes, swiftly followed by motobikes and then cars. Spikey wheels on glorious chrome metal power steeds. A heady mix… And BMW has always been effortlessly stylish. A sign of the times is the 30s, 50s and the noughties…

BMW 5 series, 1954

BMW 335, 1939

Early BMW motorbike

These are the blades from one of the very first jet engines, late in the war, in 1944.

Jet engine, Arada, 1944

But looking at some of the developments for cars of the future, and my breath is taken away. I just love the sleek lines and the aggressive stance of the 2001 Gina. The car skin is soft and pliable, a stretched taught fabric. Even stationary it looks like it’s racing at more than 100 mph.

Oh God, it's just beautiful...

It’s looking into the future, but with a siren call to the present and the past. Beautiful….

The eye of the future

(A note to any photographers visiting the site – all these were taken with a Blackberry, not bad for a poxy little handheld thing..!)