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Church, Kissing, High heels and Vodka. Must be Kiev!!!

I love these eastern cities, they are raw and vibrant, and desperate to have a good time. And beautiful too!

St Sofia church

Spot the Saints…

Built originally in the 11th century.

I noticed this in St Petersburg too – everyone seems to be snogging. Couples just can’t get enough of each other, and they’re not too bothered about privacy. I know Doisneau had to fake his photo of the couple kissing by the Hotel de Ville in Paris, but in Kiev there is no need to fake. Just point the camera…

(next to the Church)

(on top of the statue)

the full tongue and throat in front of the river view!

Kiev(ians) clearly don’t want to hide away. Everything is on display. Especially the girls – high heels are ubiquitous, and being dressed up as if your off clubbing is considered normal. Great for street photography!

standard uniform here…

everyday wear!

Short skirts de rigeur…

There was some great graffiti, rather risqué, and not all of it suitable for this blog. Adds to the electric feel of the city.

Swords and flowers and chain-mail???

Of course, a visit to Kiev is bound to end with some serious vodka drinking, and the inevitable raucous evening party (followed by hang-over meeting the following morning). One of the group below didn’t actually make it to the meeting the next day. S/He will remain nameless, but you know who you are!

He’s a Kiss fan…

Lining them up!

These two smuggled their drinks onto the bus…

Alcoholic halo…

Impromptu piano playing…

And the girls looking worse for wear

And the party went on, but we’ll draw a veil over it there!

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Parisian Pillow Moments

Carrying on with a theme I’ve mentioned before: working for an international company does mean you get to go to some fantastic places. And this week it was Paris!

Montmartre to be specific, which is where this pic was taken, looking from the Place Dalida up towards Sacre Coeur.

Backstreets of Montmartre

We were all staying in quite an amusing hotel – The Hotel Terrass, so called of course, because it had a terrace overlooking the city. I was one of the lucky ones who got a refurbished room, all mirrored wall with inset hidden tv. Plus trendy bathroom with the smallest shower I’ve ever been in. It was like a tube, very narrow. Bijou is the word. Impossible to turn around and forget soaping your feet – impossible to bend down.

But the hotel did have one innovation that I thought was rather neat. So I abused it shameless – a pillow menu!

Joni had it right, in Paris they really do kiss on the mainstreet.

The first night I had the standard hotel pillow, but the second I went for a Goose Down Pillow. I’d say that was the softest pillow I ever chanced to lay my head on. The third night I wanted to go for the Musical Pillow – it has built in speakers to play music and drift you off to sleep. Now I’d managed to forget my ipod, so I asked to borrow an MP3 player. At first the concierge said I could have one, then that I couldn’t. When I then suggested that a Musical Pillow was a bit pointless if it couldn’t play music, and could I try a Silk Pillow instead, the concierge started to get a bit shirty. Hadn’t I already tried one pillow, wasn’t that enough? No, I said. I felt I needed to try out the Silk one. It was brought up to my room, grudgingly.

Sacre Coeur plus trinkets

Now I knew I was pushing my luck on the fourth night, but hey, it was a menu – I was determined to sample as much as possible! So I went for the Bamboo Pillow. Sounds weird, but my favourite of the lot! The menu description doesn’t do it justice. how unappetising does this sound: Perfectly suited to those who are constantly too warm in bed, this bamboo pillow has anti perspiration properties that will guarantee you a pleasant, cool night’s sleep. Sounds pretty functional to me. The Terrass hotel marketing department needs to work a bit harder on the emotional benefits of bamboo, I think…But in spite of the inept marketing description, this one was the best of the lot. 10/10 for comfort. And not a peep from the concierge.

So, Au revoir to Montmartre. I never did get to the Moulin Rouge (pity). Because I really would have liked to see today’s cabaret girls. Still, the memories of the greats are still with us. La Goulou, Jane Avril. And on a Montmartran Bamboo Pillow the dreams of dancing girls is as sweet now as in the heyday of the cancan! Bisous a tous!

Garters, stockings and frilly skirts. The good old days...