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Michelle, grace and elegance

If Ruben soars, then Michelle glides, graceful and elegant. The arch of the foot, the point of the hand. Arabesque, Plié, Pirouette…








There’s time for fun, a little – it can’t be all too serious.



Perfection must be to the fingertips, to the toes. A body under control.





Ruben and Michelle make dance look effortless, controlled and beautiful. They look serene, together.






For pictures of Ruben, see previous post.

In praise of fun and exuberance in front of the camera!


I was doing a shoot for a corporate client the other day. Portraits for their new website. The blokes were easy – in, pose, snap snap, thanks and out. The ladies were sooo much more concerned – lots of primping before they would come near the camera. But I photographed the kids the other day and it was the other way round. Easy with the girls, tough with the boys. So when does that switch happen then?


Good friends

Ah, 13 is a good age…


Not a happy chappy

Not a happy chappy


Photoshoot turns into dance off

Photoshoot turns into dance off


He cracks, and I almost get a smile...

He cracks, and I almost get a smile…


…and now the girls really go for it!

…and now the girls really go for it!


There’s nothing like a good jump shot. Loved them ever since I saw Lartigue’s photos from the 1920s. Fun and exuberance in front of the camera. Maybe I could try that next time I do a corporate job…? Mmmm, maybe not. Just to show I can be a dour old so and so, but also love a bit of a jump, here’s a couple of me:

Cool beard!

Cool beard!


Peck - you're bonkers!

Peck – you’re bonkers!