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Jive, ballet, tap – these kids can do it all!

About to begin

How proud can you get as a Dad? Very, is the answer, when your little girl gets up on the stage and dances her heart out.

Reaching for the sky

Ballet – strike the pose

Rockin the jive

Eyes drifting right…

There must have been 70-80 girls in the show. 26 songs, fantastic choreography, costumes, music. A real show.

The cutest are always the youngsters. Here’s Nellie the Elephant:

I’ve been spotted by Wren in the middle…

From Nellie to Ballet.

Freya is a cutie


The show ranges from the babies to teens.

Tappety tap tap


Too young to point yet

Of course, there won’t ever be a more positive audience than the one for this show. Pride doesn’t really capture it: All the applause, whistles, cheering, waving. Total overwhelming love!

Dancing queens

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