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The Best Martini in the World, Dukes Bar, London

Now I’m rather partial to a nice glass of wine. But Roger goes whizzbang for a Martini. So to celebrate his birthday, Mrs Roger invited us to pay our respects at the home of the Martini in London, and drink the best at Dukes Bar in St James under the tutelage of Mr Alessandro Palazzi.

It is always a delight to learn from the hands of an expert, and Alessandro is an enthusiast, a connoisseur and a virtuoso. And Dukes Bar is the quintessential place for a Martini. This is where Ian Fleming came to drink, and Bond would have come to relax. Alessandro would have been behind the bar.

His secret of course is to have the best ingredients. Only the best London dry gin, English vermouth, and lemons from the Amalfi coast. Alessandro advice: Shaken, not stirred, is of course Bond’s take on a Martini, but the classic would never be shaken – the ice would dilute the alcohol. Bond was a rebel after all…

Now Mrs P’s favourite Martini was a Strangway – elderflower infusion, so…. lady…; but I think I enjoyed the Vesper the most: 3 parts No 3 Gin – frozen, 1 part Potocki vodka – frozen (Polish vodka – Fleming based Vesper on a real Polish spy, so Polish it must be…), 1 part Lillet Blanc, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters. A heady drink for an intoxicating character. Delicious. Deadly.

And the result? Much enthusiasm from the audience, and I haven’t seen Roger wobble quite so much on leaving a bar since he was a student… Bond, of course, would have remained ice cool…

If you get the chance, go to Dukes Bar, and indulge in the heady drinks of the Cold War: https://www.dukeshotel.com/dukes-bar/


Metal, chrome and leather

Cars, especially old cars, are very beautiful. The most wonderful shapes, forms and textures when you get up close. So here’s a homage to a Brit Beauty, a Jensen 541:

This car is of a different era. It oozes old world luxury and charm. Bond could easily have driven a Jensen, but this car belongs to the 50s, not the 60s. Chrome, leather, metal and glass.

The engine is a large 4.0 litres. Imagine the roar it gives when you put your foot down. Truly musical.

Sleek and Stylish

lovely curves

Soft leather

Soft leather

I deliberately haven’t put a photo of the whole car on this page. Why, because you don’t need it, you should imagine it. Here’s the scene you should see in your mind’s eye: The Jensen 541, a Grand Tourer. So let’s tour down to the Cote D’Azur, pull up on La Croisette and sip cocktails at the Martinez. Cheers!