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Tourist tit and tat

It’s amazing what catches your eye when you’re on holiday. And frankly, it’s quite amazing what’s out there to catch your eye! It took me a while to realise what these were (i.e. bottle openers – look more closely…). Lucky I had my iPhone and Hipstamatic to make the most of the opportunity…



The thing about an iPhone is you start snapping everything, even your dinner. It all becomes a bit obsessive.

Bit of bream

Bit of bream

But I do like the Hipstamatic app. It gives the pictures a slightly different feel – snaps with a bit more attitude…

This is a shop...

This is a shop…!?!

And having started with male members, it’s only fair to finish with the fairer sex. Again, hipstamatically snapped.

A piratess!

A piratess!






Milan, full of girls, on bikes!

Earlier this year I went to Milan. It was hot, full of girls, and bikes…. I liked it!

take a pic

quick bike over here...

have a chat

quick bike over there...

nice shoes (Milan...!)

back on the bike

meet the boy (watch those hands young lady!)

ride off, again

remembering loved ones

And off! On a bike, naturally....

What a city! I want to go there again, with my proper camera, and take some real shots. These are all Hipstamatic/iphone clicks. Fun though.

Il Duomo - I'm coming back!