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Metamorphosis in the Forest

I’ve swapped the wet – but hot – climate of the Caribbean for the wet and cold climate of Essex. It’s a tough exchange, but there are compensations (some…), namely that Epping Forest is ablaze with colour. Even on a dull day the forest glows.

The colours of autumn

The colours of autumn

The next 3 weeks or so are just the best. Green and yellow now, turning to gold and brown by end November. Then along comes a storm, the leaves are down, and the show is over. Got to enjoy it while it lasts.

Tree canopy

Tree canopy

I saw him before he saw me.

I saw him before he saw me…

Careful, these ones are dangerous!

Careful, these ones are dangerous!

I may even have to force the kids to go for a walk this weekend… It’ll do them good, even if they do squawk and squabble and wish they were in front of the playstation. Could even drag Mrs P along! And then a delicious steaming sausage pie with onion and madeira gravy to cheer everyone up again. Yes, autumn does have its advantages! And luckily I have some spiced rum to remind me of the Caribbean!

A Forest wander.

A Forest wander.

Dick Turpin’s hideout in Epping Forest

A path through the forest

I managed to get a couple of hours free this last weekend, so I shot off into the Forest. It’s at its greenest right now, and after a shower (of which there were many this weekend) it fairly glistens…

The Forest is full of tales. The tree below for instance, is close to the Lost Pond which is on the edge of Loughton Camp, an iron age fort. This is where Dick Turpin, robber and highwayman had his hideout. There’s probably booty buried nearby, waiting to be discovered. Lots of places to hide such stuff round here! If there were buried treasure under this tree, it wouldn’t be giving up any secrets too quickly. Look how it grips the earth!

Gripping tight to the earth

All these pics are taken in the same area, about a mile into the Forest from Epping. This spot below is probably my favourite in the whole Forest. It’s a stream which twists and turns and coils upon itself. It snakes down through the Forest. And just here there is a beech tree growing on one of the meanders. Will it make it to maturity, or will the stream cut it off? I’ll probably never know as time has its own pace in the Forest, and I won’t be around to see the resolution of this particular race.

Meandering along Loughton brook

So here’s a little look into Epping Forest. I’ll be back here with more photos later in the year when the colours turn orange and yellow. And stories of Queen Boudica’s stand against the Romans – all in Epping Forest!

Blue is the colour!

Every year I go out and try and take a good photo of the bluebells. It’s not easy – the blue comes out purple if there’s any sunshine because the flowers reflect ultra violet. So the recent weather hasn’t exactly been good for (bluebell) photography! On reflection, I think the best weather for bluebells is mizzle but we’ve had solid sunshine for weeks and weeks now Bring back the rain (joking – we Brits are simply never happy whatever the weather!!!)

Flower portrait

The straight shot

Below I’ve gone for the abstract view and played about with the camera. Quite liberating! (Honest, this wasn’t just me dropping the camera at the wrong (right?) moment…

The abstract shot

A friend has got a print of this one in his loo. Freshens things up, I suppose….

The classic shot

This is one of my earliest pictures – on Velvia film, hence the slightly weird colour cast I think. From a bluebell wood just of the A59 near Poppleton, York.

My favourite shot