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Rain, Pah! Water off a Brit’s back!!!

Some things you can control, some things you can’t.  The rain is of the latter persuasion. And OMG, central Europe has been in the deluge this week! We had 4 days in Southern Bavaria & Austria, and the sun did not shine… not once. (Apparently London basked in lovely weather…)

Salzburg almost goes under

Salzburg almost goes under

What can you do? We were there to celebrate: grandparents reaching 70, and granddaughter reaching 6! So sod the rain, carry on celebrating…

Nobody can resist a cake with candles...

Nobody can resist a cake with candles…

Now just so you know, that is no ordinary cake. That is none other that proper Sachertorte from the Cafe Sacher in Salzburg (almost flooded, basement being pumped out as we had coffee and cake – we didn’t stop…)

Water up above… Head below ground! the Salt Mines in Berchtesgaden are amazing – just dig the snazzy suits we had to wear, and the zoominess of the slide to get into the huge subterranean cavern! (And check out the GPs leaning back to get full speed on – eternal children…!)

I came here as a kid. Loved it then, love it now.

I came here as a kid. Loved it then, love it now.

In the 96 hours we were there it stopped raining for maybe 3 hours. So that’s when I ran around like a madman trying to take some outside shots before the next deluge hit.

The Obersee (2 mins later obscured by a storm)

The Obersee (2 mins later obscured by a storm)

the view from our hotel

the view from our hotel – of the Thumsee (you can see the rain clouds coming…)

tried to crop out the clouds, but even so they force themselves into my pic!

tried to crop out the clouds, but even so they force themselves into my pic!

(A recommendation – we stayed in the Hotel Seeblick, the friendliest, most kid & GP friendly, most delicious food, most wonderful views, most unbelievable good value for money hotel that I’ve stayed in…., ever! http://www.hotel-seeblick.de/Home/)

Now I know I’m a Brit, and by definition mood obsessed by the weather. 4 days rain was not what I had anticipated. But the area around Bad Reichenhall and Berchtesgaden is just SOOOOOO nice, that I forgive the rain,     just.

If you get the chance, go. And I wish you a sunny holiday!

the slightly bedraggled party

the slightly bedraggled party

Where do we come from, and where are we going?

Why do we photograph? For many reasons of course, but first amongst those is to freeze time. 1/60th second, remembered for ever. Passed on to the future. And that’s why getting your hands on the family stash of photographs is so overwhelming. You look back from the present to the past, and wonder about the future.

My parent's wedding day

Photos allow us to tell stories. Part of my father’s story is here. It must have been complicated in the early 60s… My parents were both foreign students in France. He English, she German. Having fallen in love he had to go to Germany to woo her.  They spent much time zooming around on a velociped.

A croggy

Entente cordiale led to a wedding. Church ceremony in Cadolzburg, Franconia; Civil wedding in Sheen, London.

no 5 star hotels to get ready in those days

Onlookers at the Church: Guck' mal, der Englaender!

The happy couple

My Mum knew nothing of English wedding etiquette. So she wore a black suit to the civil ceremony. Looked pretty smart to my eyes!

Sheen, London

Grandparents on both sides

Of course! Honeymoon and nuptials:

3 days in Bournemouth

And a new life in the Shropshire hills

It seems my parents did a lot of camping...

And then the inevitable (well at least it is from my point of view…) is kids:

I think I'm laying down the law here...

And now my Dad lays down the law himself

A father and son moment, probably camping...

Blimey, that's me!

And then the past moves into the present. It’s my turn. Father becomes Grandfather, son becomes father.

The leap in the generations

Love, laughter, happiness. An ordinary story, but also a sliver of history, told through photos. Not bad for a 1/60th of a second. Keep your photos, and share them.

My father

My daughter.