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Football vs photography. No contest!

There is one good thing about an early exit from the World Cup – more time for photography!

Golding's Pond

Golding’s Pond


I managed to spend a couple of hours in the forest this morning, processed and published the pictures by the evening. The benefits of digital!

Wake Valley Pond

Wake Valley Pond

Apparently, this pond is infested with terrapins, one of which is meant to be a giant. That’s according to the angler that I chatted to. Mind you, we all know how anglers have a tendency to exaggerate, especially about size…

Sun, reflecting.

Sun, reflecting.


Perhaps he's under the lily pads?

Terrapin, lurking out there somewhere…

Photography vs football. No contest at all. The one gives pleasure, the other pain. I’ll concentrate on the picture making, and the hunt for terrapins!


(By the way, I have a series of articles being published in Black + White Photography on the why certain images create an emotional impact. Check them out and let me know what you think)