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Help…., Can’t breathe.

Sometimes you just feel sorry for the animals. And that perhaps nowhere so much as in the market place. Pride and dignity gone. No escape. Dead eyes still imploring. It is all very final.




Tourist tit and tat

It’s amazing what catches your eye when you’re on holiday. And frankly, it’s quite amazing what’s out there to catch your eye! It took me a while to realise what these were (i.e. bottle openers – look more closely…). Lucky I had my iPhone and Hipstamatic to make the most of the opportunity…



The thing about an iPhone is you start snapping everything, even your dinner. It all becomes a bit obsessive.

Bit of bream

Bit of bream

But I do like the Hipstamatic app. It gives the pictures a slightly different feel – snaps with a bit more attitude…

This is a shop...

This is a shop…!?!

And having started with male members, it’s only fair to finish with the fairer sex. Again, hipstamatically snapped.

A piratess!

A piratess!