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M. Eiffel’s tower is a triumph!

The classic shot

It’s so nice to get to Paris as a tourist for once, instead of on business. I actually managed to indulge in all those classic touristy things – like taking photos of the Eiffel Tower!

I wasn’t the only tourist about, of course. Even at 7am on a bitterly cold April morning there were some very hardy Far Eastern newlyweds, who were doing the sites in full regalia.

This bride must have been freezing...!

Later in the day was time to climb the beast of a tower. No way were we waiting in the queues for the lift (at least a 2 hour wait) and we knew a trick, which I pass onto all of you here: climb the stairs to the second floor and get the lift to the top from there. Easy and saves hours!!!

Shy Eiffel.

Bold Eiffel!

Looking up...

Looking down

Looking out

Looking in...

So, walking up to the second floor is a good dodge, and it’s not too hard. That leaves an exhilarating ride to the top in the lift, and a great view from the top. Awesome!

Up, up and up some more

With a great reward

and a happy tourist family!

A bit of trickery with the last shot. Anyone know why it looks like this?

Distorted Eiffel!

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