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Michelle, grace and elegance

If Ruben soars, then Michelle glides, graceful and elegant. The arch of the foot, the point of the hand. Arabesque, Plié, Pirouette…








There’s time for fun, a little – it can’t be all too serious.



Perfection must be to the fingertips, to the toes. A body under control.





Ruben and Michelle make dance look effortless, controlled and beautiful. They look serene, together.






For pictures of Ruben, see previous post.

Ruben dancing into the air

Now I know that I have published the odd post featuring the female form. Beautiful it is too, and I’ve loved every moment of every photo shoot. But maybe it’s time to even up the score… So here are some images of the male form, and in spectacular condition too. This is Ruben, a man who can soar, seemingly effortlessly, through the air.

Ruben 4


How many hours of practice does it take to be able to do this? They say 10,000 to master an instrument. This is a life’s dedication. So it’s great to record the beauty of Ruben’s skill.





Ruben 3


Ruben 2

Unsurprisingly, the feet take some wear and tear. But a short rest and then Ruben is ready to fly again. Up, up and away. Amazing….

Ruben 5


Dancing in Death

The French call them natures mortes, but I don’t see them as dead. And we call them still lives, but, to be honest, I don’t think they look still either. I think they’re dancing…


Slide to the right...

Swaying to the right…


Slide to the left...

Groove to the left…


My hostas are going over – it’s the time of year – but their skeletons are full of movement. A last hurrah before the cold comes in. Beautiful, right to the end.

Waves and folds

Waves and folds


and a final twirl...

and a final twirl…

An emotional evening of dance…


Dance show-27bw_small


Josie is a dance teacher. Every other year her dancing classes put on a show. 24 dances, performed by the kids, on stage, full lighting & music, packed audience of Mums, Dads, Grans, Grandads, Aunts and Uncles (and in our case a slightly reluctant teen brother…). The show is very slick and professional. Pride bursts out from the audience. But the best emotions are on the stage, writ large by the kids…

There is passion and beauty…

Passion and Beauty

Passion and Beauty

Elegance and refinement…








Fun and laughter…







There is calmness…




and confusion…!




There is belief…




And there is ecstasy…




And finally, there is love

Dance show-62bw_small


A big thank you to Josie. How wonderful to be responsible for all these emotions…


Competition judges, you never can tell…!

OK, so it just goes to show that photo competitions are a lottery, and that even the judges are pretty subjective. There I was, worrying about whether to put in the set of nudes (see last post: Nude conundrum…., help ) and whether the first pic should go last or vice versa, and whether the full model pic was abstract enough….? And blow me down, the set didn’t even make it into the shortlist for the prize! Apparently the hand next to the breast was off-putting…. Crikey! The whole concept – moving from abstract to full body – didn’t come across at all. No resonating, nothing, just got passed over. Was the judge blind?!@!!^?

Opening night nerves

Opening night nerves

Luckily I had another set up my sleeve… Suddenly the judge was on form: Photo-journalistic treatment, nice technical mix of shots, sensitive black and white. Bless him, he even said it showed a personal vision. I was choked.

Rat-a-tat feet

Rat-a-tat feet

Of course I agreed. What perception! And then I looked at some of the other entries. By God they were good! Some of the printing was just exquisite. Some of the panels told a story, some were variations on a theme. Movement and progression vs description and contemplation. Fascinating variety of approach.

Young ballet points

Young ballet points

I can’t believe he picked mine! Must be a subconscious Strictly Come Dancing effect. But hey, it’s nice to bag a win once in a while. Time to celebrate with a beer!!!

Watching the show

Watching the show

Jive, ballet, tap – these kids can do it all!

About to begin

How proud can you get as a Dad? Very, is the answer, when your little girl gets up on the stage and dances her heart out.

Reaching for the sky

Ballet – strike the pose

Rockin the jive

Eyes drifting right…

There must have been 70-80 girls in the show. 26 songs, fantastic choreography, costumes, music. A real show.

The cutest are always the youngsters. Here’s Nellie the Elephant:

I’ve been spotted by Wren in the middle…

From Nellie to Ballet.

Freya is a cutie


The show ranges from the babies to teens.

Tappety tap tap


Too young to point yet

Of course, there won’t ever be a more positive audience than the one for this show. Pride doesn’t really capture it: All the applause, whistles, cheering, waving. Total overwhelming love!

Dancing queens

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Tango in Argentina

Now, I have a good friend in Buenos Aires, and he sent me a facebook message the other day saying: nice blog, but where are the pictures from Argentina? And he was quite right. So Daniel, here they are for you!

Street tango

A real vibrancy to the city, epitomised of course by the street dancing. And spectacular they are too. All clickety click heels and flashing skirts. The men were men, and the women most definitely women.

Apparently I had turned up at a quiet moment…. What it must be like on a hot Saturday night! Steamy, at a guess….

(this was about 11 in the morning...)

you have to imagine the accordion in the background

Once I managed to tear myself away from the dancers I had a bit of a nose around. Very different flora and fauna in Sth America:

Street vendor

And one of the most frequented visiting spots in the city was the graveyard. Most people wanted to see Evita’s tomb. I got wrapped up in the amazing statuary.

It'll happen to us all, eventually

Soft stone hands

But enough of the morbid stuff. Take a look at some of the other statues around the city!

Make your own mind up...

And this is a giant metal flower that opens and closes for the sun.

(it's huge)

(and very dramatic)

Get back to the tango I hear you shout! Of course, if there’s a dance going then I want to have a go. And indeed we all did. Here’s Daniel, taking his first steps, tentative and nervous, with his Tango Mistress.

Come on Daniel, courage!

As the night wears on, his feet get faster and faster.

(to be honest, I don't think that's Daniel anymore)

OK, Daniel wasn’t much good. And frankly neither was I. Better leave it to the pros, who make it effortless and dreamy:

Ta Dah!