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Hands off my Ferrari!

Where’s this? Can you guess?

It’s a bit blowy…

Clue: it’s in the Med.

OK. So this is not an area known for its storms. Quite the opposite. The usual image is for slick, suave, mega-rich, luxury. Yes, this is Cannes on the Côte D’Azur. Not quite as azure as we would have hoped, but not bad on the luxury. I leave that to the ladies in the family…

If you can’t pose here, then where…?

A magnet for the ladies…

these girls start young!

(She takes after her mother…)

Even Charles can be seduced. This, he says, is the car he will buy when he starts playing for Chelsea (…)


But you know what, this isn’t really what the Mediterranean coast is about, for me at least. Get 10 miles in land and it all changes. The villages are quaint and delightful. The countryside is beautiful, all that bling seems miles away. Here’s what the back country around Cannes looks like.

The gorgeous coast at Cap Ferrat

The Rothschilds know a good spot when they see it, Here’s their villa.

Jimmy Choos forgotten, replaced by roses

the villa mixes the sacred…

… and the profane

Ultimately, all roads lead down to the coast. And back to the flim flam of the Côte d’Azur. Ah well,…. when in Rome….

La Croisette!

Metal, chrome and leather

Cars, especially old cars, are very beautiful. The most wonderful shapes, forms and textures when you get up close. So here’s a homage to a Brit Beauty, a Jensen 541:

This car is of a different era. It oozes old world luxury and charm. Bond could easily have driven a Jensen, but this car belongs to the 50s, not the 60s. Chrome, leather, metal and glass.

The engine is a large 4.0 litres. Imagine the roar it gives when you put your foot down. Truly musical.

Sleek and Stylish

lovely curves

Soft leather

Soft leather

I deliberately haven’t put a photo of the whole car on this page. Why, because you don’t need it, you should imagine it. Here’s the scene you should see in your mind’s eye: The Jensen 541, a Grand Tourer. So let’s tour down to the Cote D’Azur, pull up on La Croisette and sip cocktails at the Martinez. Cheers!