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Mary Berry, eat your tart out!

Although I do most of the cooking in the Peck residence, I have never tried baking. Until now. But because we are all addicted to The Great British Bake Off, plus the blackberries are fruiting all over the place right now, I decided to give it a go. So I filled a bowl with lovely big black bbs, and checked out my cookery books…

My first ever tart ...

My first ever tart …

When I announced to Mrs P this morning that I was going to bake a tart she laughed and laughed and laughed – she was shaking, I jest not. Asked me if I knew what blind baking was (for heaven’s sake!). I retorted that not only was I baking blind, but that I making my own creme patissiere. That made her laugh even more…

What a lovely tart!

What a lovely tart!

So this is my version of a French style blackberry and cream tart. Delicious it was, to the very last mouthful. Even Mrs P had to admit, I had a way with a tasty French tart, and ain’t that the truth…

Delicious, and gone.

Delicious, and gone.

Spice Up Your (Thai) Life!

Goong Pad Kari, honestly…

My wife, being a thoroughly modern woman, busy with career, running marathons, catching up with friends etc etc, leaves all the cooking to me. Which is fine! I hasten to add. Because I quite enjoy it.

Good colours…

But even I do get bored a bit, of the same old, same old recipes. So, for 10 weeks on a Saturday morning, I’ve been going to a Thai cookery course at our local school. To spice things up a bit, you understand.

Wok action!

Ever since I was a student, living with a Chinese guy who taught me how to cook rice properly, I’ve been fond of Eastern flavours. And Thai is the best, the freshest, the zingy-est . I just love it. Thai Fish cakes, Masman curries, Pad Thai – we’re working our way through the classic Thai repertoire.

Salmon and Snake beans (+ Kaffir lime leaves)

Eh voila! the resultant fish cakes…

Back-packers favourite – Pad Thai!

My favourite – Masman curry

Our teacher is Surat, born in Udon, northern Thailand. She knows how to wield her wicked looking chopping knives, and she never tires of our really basic questions (can you freeze this? can you reheat that? Can you get the other in Tesco’s?). I wonder if she ever does Spag Bol at home, just for a change?

Getting stuck in

Wok Wizardry

and more magic

We’re 10 in the class, and the ratio is about 3 women to 1 man – again, fine by me… Pretty good showing by the blokes, I think! Shows that I’m not the only one who has to do all the cooking at home (…)

Ooops, too many beans – watch out for Surat!

Digging in.

What an ace way to spend an hour on a Saturday morning. And the best is I go home with the dinner already cooked, leaving me more time to enjoy a glass of wine.

Laab (beef salad to you and me)

Jeez, this is the bit I hate! and the wife doesn’t do this either!!!

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