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Beauty and Danger



Beauty and danger quite often go together, and that is certainly the case with the (in)famous slot canyons of Arizona. The beauty is quite astonishing; truly, one of the natural wonders of the world.

Slot canyon, Arizona.


These curves and waves have been petrified into the soft rock. The colour comes from the minerals; and the soft lighting from above makes the whole glow. It’s breath-taking & exquisite.


Lower antelope2_small

Rock Lion



upper antelop1

Upper Antelope Canyon



These are not big canyons; 10-20 metres deep and pretty narrow. In some places I needed to take my camera bag off so I could squeeze through the gap. And therein lies the danger. Rain water, sometimes up to 30 miles off, can flash-flood through these canyons. You can’t outrun a flood, you can’t swim in it. The water, which creates all this fantastic beauty, will annihilate anything in its path.

Lower antelope4_small

Lower Antelope Canyon



Lady in the rock


Is all this beauty worth the risk? For me, yes. But only after checking the weather forecast, very, very, carefully…