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Just goes to show – you never can tell!

It’s not quite the done thing to blow your own trumpet. Nor would I usually post an image that I’d already posted. But today I’m breaking the rules, and toot tooting my horn. I entered a photo competition last year, and the results came out yesterday – and my pic has done quite well…

Spring pathway, Swaledale

Spring pathway, Swaledale. Highly Commended

The International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) covers 8 categories & gets 20,000+ entries from all over the globe. So I went in for the Wildflower Landscapes section and entered 4 pictures. The odd thing is I was sure the 3 other pics were better than the one above – it was almost a throw-away last choice – but this was the one the judges went for. Highly commended was the comment, and by heck, I’m chuffed!

These are the 3 I was more convinced about:

buttercups, red clover, cranesbill

Swaledale buttercups, red clover, cranesbill

Walking through God's county

Walking through God’s county

Meadows, walls, moors

Meadows, walls, moors

If you get the chance, the IGPOTY exhibition is on at Kew Gardens until 30th March – the images are stunning when printed up nice and large. Exquisite. Or check out the website: http://www.igpoty.com/competition07/winners.asp?parent=winners

Just goes to show you never can tell, and that you should always try. Who knows what will happen?!