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London, Bikes, Nudes. Ah yes, it’s Saturday afternoon…

Now if I were in Germany I would expect this sort of thing. After all, the English Gardens in Munich is a traditional nudist spot, and a fine place for a beer too, of course. But in the middle of London…, just next to the Tower…, on bikes… It’s all a bit…, shocking!


I was in town to take photographs of something completely different, and I heard a commotion – drums, whistles and so on, (this girl was having a good blast on hers…), and of course I wandered over to see what was going on.


A demo, no less, and for some reason everyone was naked. It was raining, of course. But that didn’t put them off. Hey, if you’re going to get wet it’s better to have your kit off, I say! And it didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm, because we’re British and we are used to the rain anyway.


This guy at the front of this tandem was rather half-hearted in my view. His rear companion had got the idea – shoulders covered, balls out.


Bloody hell – here’s Eve looking for Adam! You can tell it’s a bit nippy though… I never did work out the link between bikes and nudism. And I don’t really see a logical link. It all feels a bit uncomfortable to me. Just like this chap below. I leave you with his bag metaphor, which sort of summed up a typical Saturday afternoon in London town…




Vive Le Tour in Essex!

They’re coming!

They’re coming!!!

Any second now!!!!!

Yes, it was a long wait… But exciting. And we enjoyed the show. After all, this is the 3rd most watched sporting event in the world and it was passing right by the end of our road. Not bad. Vive le Tour!


The leader!

The leader!

And the day before they’d ridden past my Mum and Dad’s house in York. What are the chances of that? It’s like they were laying it on specially for us. So we had to go bananas!

Are they here yet Dad? Not quite lass, be patient, it’ll be soon…

A French cockerel in Epping

A French cockerel in Epping

Yorkshire looked great. Epping did too. Yellow everywhere, garlic, onions and tricolours livening up the High Street. We love our cliches.

Dad, when will they be here? Soon, soon.

And all of a sudden, they were!

Here they come!

Here they come!

And there they go!

And there they go!

It brought the francophile out in me, plus the Yorkshire & Essex pride. They went past in about 12 seconds, but it was great!

The pic doesn't do justice to their speed...

The pic doesn’t do justice to their speed…


Was that it then, Dad? Aye, indeed. Time for a beer. Well I am a Yorkshireman…

I think this chap got left behind

I think this chap got left behind


Love it, when’s the next celebration?

It's all just a bit of fun!

It’s all just a bit of fun!

(Apologies for the number of exclamation marks in this post. It just had to be that way!)



Italian Style, on wheels…

Italians are known for their style. Now, I’m not really a clothes man, but I do like a nicely turned out car. Here in the UK heads turn for big fat protzig cars. But in Italy, well, the Fiat 500 reigns supreme. And I love it.

that's just soooooo Italy.

The 500 just has bags of character. Cheeky, funny, innocent, dinky – a hundred cute adjectives spring to mind.

wish that was my front door....

Even my daughter likes the 500, and she does 'cool'...

But it’s not just the 500. I even liked the bikes in Italy. They are made for comfort not speed, although these two have seen better days.

Everyone rides a bike, and you never forget how to. I wasn’t quick enough to catch the nun on the bike, but I got her next to her two wheeler.

Even nuns are trendy in Italy.

If you’re not a nun, then maybe you ride your bike with a mate or a girlfriend.


Back to cars. So we all know about the expensive ones, and sure, they look fast and sleek and expensive. And red is always going to be better than yellow…

I know, boring. And of course I don't want one.

But I don’t think the Ferrari has as much character as the Fiat 500. I mean, look at the pic above. You could be anywhere, in any rich city, in any country in the world. Now look at the pic below. There is only one place in the world you could be in this picture. In an Italian city. Cortona to be exact. So my vote goes to the 500. Unsophisticated, but cool.

Milan, full of girls, on bikes!

Earlier this year I went to Milan. It was hot, full of girls, and bikes…. I liked it!

take a pic

quick bike over here...

have a chat

quick bike over there...

nice shoes (Milan...!)

back on the bike

meet the boy (watch those hands young lady!)

ride off, again

remembering loved ones

And off! On a bike, naturally....

What a city! I want to go there again, with my proper camera, and take some real shots. These are all Hipstamatic/iphone clicks. Fun though.

Il Duomo - I'm coming back!