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New York Rebellion

We know the West is going crazy, something is wrong, it feels bittersweet, slightly rotten, fin de siecle. Old ladies demonstrating on the street… this is different from the cyclical rebellion of youth. When this sort of thing happens, then surely we have to take notice….

this is not disaffected youth...

Now I’m not overtly political. But even I feel a little bit nervous when democracies start handing over governing rights to non-elected bureaucrats. Is democracy incapable of governing high finance? Ex-financiers deciding macro economic policy… That, I guess, is my biggest fear. This is exactly what we elect leaders for. And if not our elected leaders, then who…?

The raw emotion of all this was very visible down at Bryant Park in NY a few weeks ago. It was a weird place, or at least the atmosphere was very weird. There was a lot of legitimate, coherent political discussion. And also a lot of slightly freaky people, who sort of detracted from the overall point.

Worse for wear

suddenly all getting a bit frenetic...

We’re hurtling towards 2012; everything is in flux, and emotions are running high. I’m not sure I care for the inherent violence of the drums. This girl seemed to sum it up well for me.

Good luck for 2012.