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Northumberland Castles, Seascapes, Big Skies and Roman Walls

Northumberland is a fantastic windswept rugged landscape. Big beaches, huge sky, imposing castles. A great area for photography, which is why I’m running a workshop there next year. I’ve just been on a quick recce to check out the locations. Here are a few resulting images.

Bamburgh Castle, a classic dawn and dusk location. Great for big land, and seascapes, beach reflections and rocky lead-in lines…

Alnwick Castle, home to much Harry Potter castle filming…


Holy Island and its famous boat sheds. Normally this is a great shot with Lindisfarne in the background, but scaffolding on the castle put paid to that this time (scaffolding that will be removed before the workshop thank heavens!)

Pilgrim’s Way across the mud flats of the estuary to Holy Island. I kept my feet dry and resisted splashing around in the mud…

Abstracts and long exposure in Berwick upon Tweed…

A day away from the seaside checking out Roughting Linn waterfall

No trip to Northumberland should be without a visit to Hadrian’s Wall. The Roman soldiers must have shivered and longed for return to the continent when they were posted here…

And finally, the famous Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall. Much photographed, but stunning nevertheless. Great location!

If you are interested in a trip to Northumberland, the workshop is 6th – 10th September 2018. Contact me at thomaspeck1@mac.com for more details or to request a brochure.  Stunning landscapes guaranteed.

Hebridean Abstracts

Now I love this image, but sure as hell the judges in the photo club don’t! Too difficult, too abstract, just too weird. Even with a literal title – ‘Wave On Beach’ – it’s still doomed to failure. Shot down in flames, twice. So it’s not a photo club photo, but heck, I still like it…


Lewis Beach

Lewis Beach


Maybe this one would work better… Bit of foreground interest, lead in line, wave breaking in mid distance and a moody sky in the far background. More obvious certainly, but it’s an anyone shot, it’s ok, but just ok.


Wind on sand plus waves

Wind on sand plus waves


This is more like it. A real weird one! Panning to the right during a 2 sec exposure whilst the wave breaks to the left. I’ve not even considered this as a competition image. It would get blasted straight away for being ‘blurry’….


Breaking wave

Breaking wave


Maybe I should compromise. How about this? Rock on beach – a point to focus on, still a bit abstract-y with the black peat showing through the tawny sand. Bit of a curve to take the eye through the pic… On second thoughts, this is still to way-out for a 30 sec analysis in a club competition. It stays on the blog site. Hope you enjoy it!

Lewis beach abstract 2

Lewis beach abstract 2


(Now if you did like these, then check out some lovely rocks… or indeed some more beaches in Scotland! Let me know what you think…)


Blue is the colour!

Every year I go out and try and take a good photo of the bluebells. It’s not easy – the blue comes out purple if there’s any sunshine because the flowers reflect ultra violet. So the recent weather hasn’t exactly been good for (bluebell) photography! On reflection, I think the best weather for bluebells is mizzle but we’ve had solid sunshine for weeks and weeks now Bring back the rain (joking – we Brits are simply never happy whatever the weather!!!)

Flower portrait

The straight shot

Below I’ve gone for the abstract view and played about with the camera. Quite liberating! (Honest, this wasn’t just me dropping the camera at the wrong (right?) moment…

The abstract shot

A friend has got a print of this one in his loo. Freshens things up, I suppose….

The classic shot

This is one of my earliest pictures – on Velvia film, hence the slightly weird colour cast I think. From a bluebell wood just of the A59 near Poppleton, York.

My favourite shot