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Turkey – photographs from paradise…

What does paradise mean to you?

Beach Feet

For me, I love a mix of beach, culture, wine/beer (depending on how hot it is), fun for the kids, and a bit of excitement thrown in. All of these are readily available in Turkey. For Mrs Peck you need to add shopping, so that’s where we should start – in the market…

Kemal Ataturk welcoming us to the bazaar!

Must be a bargain here somewhere…

But enough of that! What about the culture, the history, the sights and the sites & the stories? Let’s start with the high-brow. Every evening we were plunged into Turkish delight, and I must admit – I really enjoyed it!

an ancient dance

Immy, not one to pass up a chance to show off, thought she could do better:


Once the evening culture had been fully appreciated, it was time to get up very early morning to beat the crowds to the classic culture. Ephesus, truly astounding, one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. Well, the Temple of Artemis to be precise. That’s crumbled, but no problem – there is still much to wonder at.

it’s HUGE!!!

I asked everyone what sort of Greek/Turk they would want to be. To my surprise, everyone said philosopher. So I got everyone to pose. I show these pix, not because of any artistic merit, but simply because it shows up the vanity of family and friends. Here goes:

Aha! Charles, The Thinker…

Immy. Started thinking, ended up dancing, again.

Mark – no thinking cap, thinking sunglasses!

Matthew – cut the bull, I’m a gladiator!

And me? Well, I’m an actor by heart. So I got into the, still fully functioning, theatre, and gave some impromptu Shakespeare (“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears….”) much to the surprise of the Japanese tourists who had just arrived from the cruise ship…

This place is awesome, (in the correct sense of the word)

What a beautiful place! We were there in May, and the poppies were out. Colour and scent everywhere.

On the road, next to our hosts’ villa.

Can’t beat an olive tree for character.

So thank you to our good friends, the Aldersons, for inviting us to come over. And thank you to Turkey for being lovely, inviting, generous and exciting. Not a bad mix for Paradise…

Dusk at the beach

(And I haven’t even got to the sky-diving, safari water gun shoot out, steak eating competition, or Zeus’s cave…! A later blog, no doubt…)