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Summer has arrived in Lisbon!

Portugal is a lovely country, and Lisbon a very beautiful city, full of charm and nostalgia.

I’ve been travelling with work again, and after a conference and a series of research groups, I’ve managed to grab a few hours in the city before my flight returns to the UK. Street wandering is a great way to kill those hours.¬†And, although it’s only April, Lisbon is already delighting in 30 centigrade, so everyone’s got a smile on their faces. No sign of economic worries just now!

Why am I so rubbish at preparing for these business trips? I’ve come in completely the wrong clothes – everyone else is in shorts, t-shirts and flips, and I’ve got a suit, heavy jeans and long-sleeved shirts. Typical! The inevitable consequence of rushing out of the house and just chucking a load of clothes in a suitcase. Why don’t I check the forecast?!?! My colleagues: Kerri, Joanne and David are always prepared. Correct attire for every situation. I wonder how big their suitcases are… Never mind – being hot is better than being cold.

These are pics from the walk up to the Castle of St Jorge. Cobbled streets, still lived in by the locals. Cute cafes and restaurants everywhere. Grilled sardines, salad and a beer is a good way to spend a Friday lunchtime! Here in Portugal Friday also seems to be washing day…

And I love these steps everywhere. They’re not grandiose or pompous, but rather intimate with the tall colourful buildings protecting them. Very romantic.

So, back to the airport, and off to the chilly North. Next time, I’m coming back to Lisbon with my wife!!!