Empty Venice…

Venice is a photographer’s delight. Everywhere you look are potential images. The trick is to empty the city of people, and that isn’t quite so easy…

Early morning works (only photographers get up before 6am…) or shoot across the water in the misty twilight.

I love slowing the exposures down so much that everything moving – boats, people etc – just disappears…

And then it’s good to find hidden corners, bridges and canals where occasional interlopers do appear, but seem quite arbitrary.

Visit Venice in the off season and it’s easy to appreciate its beauty, and not get too flustered by its crowds. And then, get up early morning to make the most of it…


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One response to “Empty Venice…

  • Antony Peck

    Tom-o! I like the Venice pictures.I hope you had a siesta after getting up so early. How strange that you actually like lengthening the exposure, In my day, it was called “camera shake.” My first camera had an exposure of 1/25th of a second, and it was quite easy.The picture I liked best was the downward shot with the shadow. You could build a story around it, Why do you put “blocked images” in. It seems a shame not to see everything. Love, as ever. AJP >

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