Sri Lankan Faces

Sri Lanka is a wonderful country, full of colour, vibrancy and beautiful scenery. Here are some faces of the people we met over our 10 days in this fascinating country…

A young Tamil tea picker


A fire eater…


Ladies by the roadside


A gardener


The local butcher


A monk and his Mercedes


Tea picker in Ella

3 responses to “Sri Lankan Faces

  • aocarolyn

    Your work is just stunning. I’m too shy to take people-shots. But thank goodness you are not. 🙂

  • HAIR Joanna

    These are stunning! Dad was brought up in Sri Lanka. Never got over being brought back to England and dumped in a village school in deepest Kent… Just had a chat with Alain about going to GB and he says no problem he’ll pick me up on the way through to the ferry on Thursday night (21st) so that’s fixed. xx J >

  • thebritishberliner

    These are great photographs Thomas! Are you going to write about your time in Sri Lanka?

    I’ve been to India (going on 12 years ago now. Gulp!), but I never went to any of the local countries next door, so to speak! ‘Would be interested to hear what you thought!

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