Birds on Sticks – the Judge’s favourite…

At the camera club we get to see a fair share of bird photographs – usually a bird perched on a stick. Easy to focus because it doesn’t move… Judges seem to love them. I don’t get it myself. This is one area of photography that flies straight over my head (ahem…)


But hold on! Before I get all snooty about avian snaps, maybe I should have another go myself…? So I did. And bloody hell, it’s hard. Especially if the damn blighter has taken off and started flying. Above is a Harris Hawk, and as you can see I haven’t managed to keep him very sharp in the image. A “fail” in the eyes of the judge.

The Peregrine is even harder (faster, a lot faster…), and that wall doesn’t do anything for the picture – nothing to set the bird apart from the background. Another fail…

What about some bird portraiture? A bit better this one (Lanner Falcon). Interesting face on shot, but what’s that blur in the bottom right? (It’s the handler’s shoulder…) Another fail.

Ooooh, getting better now with the owls (European and Tawny) In the eye of the Euro Owl you can even see my reflection… But hang on, this is bird on a stick territory. I’m trying to get away from that! (Self: Fail!)

Close up and semi abstract – now that’s more satisfying. And don’t those claws look sharp…

Here’s perhaps the most dramatic image. Great pose, half way between flight and stick (glove…) And the bird looks suitably Bird Of Prey-ish. Mmm, quite happy. But it’s not good enough for competition entry. I’m just going to have to leave that to the experts….



4 responses to “Birds on Sticks – the Judge’s favourite…

  • HAIR Joanna

    Keep at it! Going well… Now you have an idea what it’s like to make animals from life… even full-up basking reptiles won’t bloody keep still once I get the clay out! >

  • ruralspaceman

    Heck. Your photos are brilliant. If I tried to photograph a flying bird I’d end up with 10 pictures of a wall. Or my finger.

  • thebritishberliner

    I think you did brilliantly as I couldn’t do it. I’d be far too slow. While people are taking the photo, I’d probably be at the “but I can’t see it” stage!
    p.s. I like the owl photograph! Mind you, I wouldn’t have known that your reflection was in it, at a single glance!

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