Red Kites in Wales

I’ve never done any real wildlife photography before. Couldn’t see much attraction in sitting in a hide for hours on end to get a fleeting glimpse of the back of some bird. And, frankly, bird on a stick photos are just so commonplace in club competitions. And yet…. I thought I should have a go. And Lord love a duck, it was the hardest shoot I’ve ever done! Shows how good the pros are…

These are from Gigrin Farm in Wales, where they feed the Red Kites at 3pm every day. A pell mell, hectic, confused, frenetic chaos of birds swooping down for gobbits of flesh. Extraordinary & amazing! Impossible to focus clearly on anything. Tracking a bird is ridiculously hard. Exposure is a nightmare as the birds dive from sky to ground. But what a spectacle!

No copying and cloning here. Just a bit of tweaking on the saturation to get the best out of the plumage on a grey grey grey day in Wales. One that will live long in the memory…


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