But which ones to choose…?

Right, I need some help. We have a club competition coming up this week. A prestigious cup, no less, is on offer. The Bedwell Trophy, for the best panel of 4 images. And my problem is which 4 to choose….

Obvs they need to be themed, and I’ve gone for “Long Exposure at More London”. But I’ve got 5 images, and I can’t make up my mind. I only can take 4. Above is ‘Shard 1’, below is ‘City Hall’, I think they top and tail quite nicely…

But then there’s ‘Skyline Shard’ which is a good scene setter:

Finally, I have two more abstract-y images. Do I go with both, or just one…? They are ‘London Office Block’ and ‘Reflection’:

So, which should I choose for my 4? Anyone care to help me out? Have a vote below for which image to leave out?

(Remember to check out more of my photos on Instagram: thomaspeck or twitter @Peckster68)

4 responses to “But which ones to choose…?

  • Elaine N

    Fantastic work! Keep the London office block!

  • Sandi Beckett

    We just spent 4 days in the wine country camping along a singing stream , hiking, tasting savoring-one winemaker referred to a nice blended red as a “Tuesday” wine-and we remembered the way you labeled yours! Hope you and your family are well-we are heading your way in July for a wedding-forest of Bowland, Scottish highlands, then 10 days in the LoireValley-
    Back to Utah in October rrambling about-
    Hope to see you someday maybe at Cambridge Coffee in Bluff again.
    Your friendly friend,
    Sandi and Bernon Dalight (road name) Mike
    P.S. loved the angled light images caught by your eye above

  • Sandi Beckett

    Comb Ridge Coffee, Bear’s Ears National Monument -all though Cambridge would be a nice place to take in a coffee, as well-

  • thebritishberliner

    Brilliant stuff Thomas. I have to say even though you didn’t ask. Ho! Ho! My fave photo is the Skyline Shard and Shard 1 which actually reminds me of Berlin’s TV tower at Alexanderplatz! 😉

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