Sharp lines and chiaroscuro in London and Rotterdam!

I have been having some fun converting  pictures! With the expert help of my friend Noel (check out his website here) I’ve been experimenting with luminosity masks, superior selections, and 8 minute sky exposures. Dramatic and I love it! Here’s London, looking sharp…



And give me a Dutch bridge and this is what I do to it:



Perhaps the most photogenic city for modern architecture however is Rotterdam, see below. And it’s got a fine modern art museum. Noel tells me his wife tells him that the shopping is superlative too. Excellent. Mrs P will have something to do on our next weekend away whilst I get on with the image making!


2 responses to “Sharp lines and chiaroscuro in London and Rotterdam!

  • Sandy Weir

    ​​Hi Tom – These are fantastic pictures as I do appreciate architectural photography, great work!
    For your information, I bought into Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks and Actions a couple of years ago, at a very reasonable cost. The Masks and Actions are excellent but I have to say I have only used them to a limited extent. As usual I need to buckle down to review the extensive videos which came with my purchase. By the way if you are doing eight minute exposures, does that mean the camera is undertaking an eight minute noise reduced procedure in addition? Cheers, Sandy

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