Mary Berry, eat your tart out!

Although I do most of the cooking in the Peck residence, I have never tried baking. Until now. But because we are all addicted to The Great British Bake Off, plus the blackberries are fruiting all over the place right now, I decided to give it a go. So I filled a bowl with lovely big black bbs, and checked out my cookery books…

My first ever tart ...

My first ever tart …

When I announced to Mrs P this morning that I was going to bake a tart she laughed and laughed and laughed – she was shaking, I jest not. Asked me if I knew what blind baking was (for heaven’s sake!). I retorted that not only was I baking blind, but that I making my own creme patissiere. That made her laugh even more…

What a lovely tart!

What a lovely tart!

So this is my version of a French style blackberry and cream tart. Delicious it was, to the very last mouthful. Even Mrs P had to admit, I had a way with a tasty French tart, and ain’t that the truth…

Delicious, and gone.

Delicious, and gone.

4 responses to “Mary Berry, eat your tart out!

  • Sandy Weir

    Yet another talent, Mr Peck; I hope you shared the tart and didn’t eat it all by yourself!

    Just as a matter of interest Marie Campbell who was star baker in the 1st week of the GBBO (and left in the 2nd) lives in my town; also I have photographed her cupcakes (sounds a bit rude) and creations, so that’s my claim to fame!

  • thebritishberliner

    Faaaantastic! It looks glorious.
    And how is it that men seem to be able to do it just that much better LOL! We have black berries and plums in out garden and I’ve been trying to make jam for the last 3 years and never quite got it however, my husband attempted it once, and made a fantastic job of it. We’ve been licking the spoon ever since…!

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