Burn Forest Burn

Posting about bucolic English countryside is all well and good (check it out: here), but for the opposite of Constable-esque pastoral it’s fun to whizz over to America. These images are from Bryce Canyon. Not the classic views, everyone does those – me too: here – rather these are looking away from the Canyon ridge, back down into the forest. And what a sight. Death and destruction everywhere…

Desolation amongst the trees

Desolation amongst the trees

Ponderosa pine, dead

Ponderosa pine, dead

These images are infra red, converted to black/white. They become punchier, contrastier. Starker. Suits the mood of the wounded forest…

Smashed apart by fire


This tree will not recover

No recovery


Nothing left

But even though the forest has been scarred by the lightning fires, there is still hope. The fire was in ’09, and slowly the forest is recovering. This is Bryce last autumn. So after 5 years there are new shoots. The forest never gives up, hope springs eternal. The reflectance of foliage in infra red means it goes white – exuberant and new. Rather fitting, I think…

new life

new life

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