Engage brain and question…

Is this image too complicated? Compositionally it’s ok – a square halved, lead in line from the top, met by branches from the bottom. But how does the mind ‘get’ this? Confusion? It is, of course, a tree at the top half, and a reflection at the bottom. But because the pond stretches back behind the tree at the top the forest is reflected in the top half too… hence a more complicated image.

Pond reflection

Pond reflection

Actually, that’s why I like it. They eye needs a few seconds more than normal to work it out. Engage the brain.

This one is easier. The post in the water gives it away, the mind recognises reflection straight away and everything falls into place. Easy. But as interesting?

An easy pond reflection

An easy pond reflection

I made this image on the same day. For me this works because the mind can wander – along the path, up out of the image… I find that quite teasing and stimulating. Mind you, I was told the other day that my pics don’t have enough of ‘me’ in them. And this  would be a classic example of that. Going to have to work on harder…

Forest Path

Forest Path

3 responses to “Engage brain and question…

  • Philip Shiell

    I simply love these photos.
    I took some similar shots a couple of years ago in Autumn. Worked them through in Photoshop and got some amazing results.
    This is one from my soundcloud avatar as an example.

    I love complicated images just as much as the simple ones; they get you thinking!

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