Dancing underwater

I think I must be a very trying father. The kids start to complain the moment they catch sight of a tripod. If we go for a walk they demand I leave the camera at home. Not that I ever listen. And secretly I think they like some of the images…

A nymph and jewelled light

A nymph and jewelled light

This summer I got them to dance underwater for me. Immy went for the elegant look, Charles the muscular…

the joy of being a teenager

the joy of being a teenager

Dancing to her fingertips

Dancing to her fingertips

Me looking at him looking at me

Me looking at him looking at me


I wonder what the kids will think? They’ll probably remember how I got them to swim back and forth endlessly posing underwater. But given I’m a trying father I shall keep on trying. And one day they will see these pics as the joys of summer – good memories now the weather is deteriorating.

Immy and her shadow

Immy and her shadow

3 responses to “Dancing underwater

  • Ardean Peters

    These are wonderful. Years to come they will definitely appreciate your trying-ness 🙂

  • Marie Keates

    Beautiful pictures and lovely memories one day. I often get in trouble for taking too many photos too.

    Sadly I have lost a lot of mine (well probably) because my blog was hacked. It’s been a disaster ours few days but thankfully I had backed up a fair bit. If you haven’t already please, please, please back yours up too. I have had to start afresh with a new blog and it’s going to take some time to stop being a lonely place with just me. If you fancy joining me I’m now on http://www.iwalkalone.co.uk

  • Antony peck

    Dear Tom, I have just looked at the swimming pix. they are excellent! I especially like Imy’s shadow… There’s a whole new school here, Keep them swimming! love, as ever. AJP

    Sent from my iPad


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