The earth moved for me last night!

We’ve just got back from our Cretan holiday which ended not with a bang, but a damn good shake! 6.30am, just as I was leaping out of bed to do my 10k, and blimey I lost my footing as the house began to shake rattle and roll. Earthquake – a real one!

Samaria gorge rock formation

Samaria gorge rock formation


I drank coffee while the rumbling settled down and reflected on the fact that I was sitting on the join between 2 tectonic plates: Africa pushing up against Europe. Quite a weight from the South…

Upheaval amongst the rocks

Upheaval amongst the rocks


And that’s one of the reasons why there are so many gorges on the south side of Crete, of which the best known is Samaria. The earth gets shoved up and the rivers cut through the rock resulting in some extremely dramatic landscape.


The earth is moving

The earth is moving…

and bending and folding...

and bending and folding…


Now I love a good rock formation (check out these Hebridean Gneiss!), so I couldn’t stop taking photos in Samaria whilst the rest of the family marched on ahead. Look at the stuff. 20 million years of drama and movement frozen into rock. Ah, the earth was moving for me. Awesome stuff!

Homage to a rock.

Homage to a rock.




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